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Trading standards success: prison for online fake shoe sellers

Lengthy custodial sentences have been awarded to two individuals found guilty of selling counterfeit goods online.

PayPal accounts indicate that the two individuals received around £230,000 income from counterfeit shoe sales on eBay.

At Kingston Crown Court on Thursday 22 December, civil servant Mr Antoine Simhani received a 27 month custodial sentence – the longest for someone prosecuted by Kingston Trading Standards Service. Mother of five children, Ms. Fan Fanny Cheung was dealt a twelve month custodial sentence suspended for 18 months (with conditions).

Councillor Simon James, Executive Member for Environmental Health and Trading Standards said: “This sentence stems from a lengthy investigation by Kingston Trading Standards and shows the support that the courts have given for the Council’s work in this field.”

“Further confiscation proceedings are also currently in hand to access the money that the defendants made from these crimes.   Most of the shoes and other items seized have been forfeited to Kingston Trading Standards Service who will consider how they may be legally used to bring benefits to communities in need.”  

David Booker, Service Manager for Kingston Trading Standards Service, said: “This is the longest sentence that has resulted from a prosecution bought by Kingston Trading Standards Service for a criminal matter. The scale of the sentence underlines how seriously the court views the sale of counterfeit goods, whether on the Internet or through any other medium.

People need to be aware that the Internet is being policed to protect consumers from criminal activity. Anyone selling counterfeit goods should know that the Internet is being monitored by a host of authorities, including trading standards services, as well as consumers themselves who are very vigilant in highlighting suspected fraudulent activity.”

Confiscation hearings will now take place to recover any unspent proceeds from the criminal sale of counterfeit shoes.