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Unified vision for Primary Authority and Home Authority

home authorityA shared vision for Home Authority and how it can work with Primary Authority has been developed by the regulatory bodies; LBRO, Trading Standards Institute and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

The Trading Standards Institute has been entrusted by the Local Government Association (LGA) to host Home Authority after the demise of Local Government Regulation. The Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO, the reconfigured LBRO) will take forward Primary Authority and deliver the Government’s plans for extension and expansion.

BRDO, TSI and CIEH will work in partnership to take forward the Home Authority arrangements as the three organisations cooperate to establish joint governance arrangements for Home Authority. TSI will host the Home Authority database with enhancements to tools such as the existing interlink.

The three Chief Executives; Graham Russell of LBRO, Ron Gainsford of TSI and Graham Jukes of CIEH, issued the following joint statement:

“We recognise that this will represent a change of approach in future delivery, and our organisations are keen that local authorities have the guidance, support and tools to make the schemes work effectively. The current Primary Authority training and the proposed Home Authority IT solution are among the early evidence of that.

“We will engage with our partners to develop this guidance, support and tools. We believe that this work will establish choice for business with Primary Authority as the mechanism for businesses seeking assurance and earned recognition and Home Authority providing coordination of general advice and the delivery of protection.”