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Trading Standards reach out to help ripped off elderly

oldsadwomanAlerted by concerned bank staff Croydon Trading Standards stepped in to stop an elderly man from losing his home to scammers.

The victim had been making regular withdrawals over several months and had reached his overdraft limit - bank staff said he seemed confused and worried.

Trading standards officers went out of their way to make contact with the man and quickly established he was a victim of mass marketing fraud.  His house was full of letters, parcels and magazines and he spent his days responding to scam mail, making pay outs that he thought were release fees for his big win.  Running out of money the 83-year-old, who had lost his partner six months earlier, was considering offering his house as payment.

He was receiving some 25 threatening calls a day from scammers, at all hours of the day and night.

Trish Burls from Croydon Trading Standards said: "Every member of the team took this case to their heart and went the extra mile in providing the highest standards of care and safeguarding.  Our concern focuses on the unknown number of victims out there, unprotected."

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