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Primary Authority set to open up to thousands more businesses

Thousands more businesses - including those in franchises and trade associations - are set to become eligible for the Primary Authority scheme operated by BRDO, the Better Regulation Delivery Office.
The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill announced in the Queen’s Speech contains a commitment to extending Primary Authority where an approach to compliance is developed at a single point and shared across multiple businesses on an ongoing basis.
Under the new legislation, relevant businesses would be eligible for Primary Authority, even though individually they are regulated by just one local authority.
BRDO Chief Executive Graham Russell said: “Around one third of businesses signed up to Primary Authority so far are SMEs - exactly the businesses that we should be supporting for growth.
“The changes outlined in the Bill will mean that many thousands more businesses will be eligible to take part. Franchise businesses are ideal candidates because their terms of operation mean they have to adhere to guidelines set by their head office.
“The benefits for regulators are clear - clarity and consistency of regulation throughout every franchise outlet and one point of contact with which to take up any issues.”
BRDO reports many firms are now pressing local authorities to be part of the scheme, and some councils that have previously not been involved have decided to explore its advantages.
Mr Russell said: “Primary Authority is an increasingly significant weapon in the battle to protect citizens and communities, and help businesses thrive.”
Other measures in the Bill are intended to reduce inspection burdens on business by giving them confidence in the plans created with their primary authority.
The Primary Authority scheme was designed by the Better Regulation Executive and approved by Parliament as part of the Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions Act 2008 and came into force in April 2009.
Notes for Editors
1. Deputy Director Duncan Johnson is available for interview regarding extension of Primary Authority – please call Jo Barker or Roland Curtis at BRDO on 0121 226 4000 to arrange
2. The Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) was established on 1 April 2012 to drive better delivery of regulation. It promotes a simple and clear regulatory environment in which businesses have the confidence to invest and grow, and citizens and communities are properly protected.
3. As an independent unit within the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, it is guided by a Representative Steering Group.
4. Operating nationally from its office in Birmingham, BRDO provides evidence-based advice and support to the UK and Welsh Governments, and guidance to local regulators. It ensures business is heard in the delivery of regulation and develops practical tools for regulators. It targets regulatory delivery issues that matter to business and supports and shares innovative approaches to good enforcement that encourage growth.
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