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TS expert hub fights increasing e-crime

A new e-crime hub established by the National Trading Standards Board (NTSB) will help trading standards across the country tackle the threats to businesses and consumers.

Following the Government warning of increasing cyber attacks to businesses today (5 September), the chairman of the NTSB David Collinson said: "We very much share the Government's concerns on the impact e-crime has on honest hard working businesses and the damage to consumer confidence in the growing area of online commerce.

“Providing a secure and safe online environment to allow businesses to flourish is vital to the long term success of the UK economy.

“Our new National Trading Standards e-Crime Centre provides a national resource to support Trading Standards in tackling the increasing threat to businesses and consumers in relation to e-crime.

“The Centre has already started to have an impact and is involved in a number of investigations of national significance which by their very nature affect all businesses and consumers.

“This is a major step change in our collective capability to address e-crime to protect consumers and strengthen businesses ability to be able to trade in a secure online environment.

“The e-Crime Centre is keen to engage with business so that we can support them by tackling anti competitive crimes and fraud, and to provide advice on how to ensure businesses can protect themselves from online frauds and scams.  Intelligence and information from businesses and consumers is vital to allow us to direct our resources effectively."

To get advice and to report e-crime please contact Mike Andrews at the National Trading Standards e-Crime Unit on

For more information please contact Wendy Martin on 07982 418 423.

The National Trading Standards Board (NTSB) was established by the Government in April 2012 as part of the Governments recent review of consumer protection and enforcement, on a regional and national basis. The Government have sought to strengthen the coordination and governance in tackling cross border crimes on consumer and business protection. This has resulted in Local Authority Trading Standards Services leading on the development of improvements that will better support the necessary strengthening of national capability and coordination, building on the skills and experience of the collective trading standards services provided by local government. Trading Standards are committed to responding to these problems and use our resource as effectively as possible to tackle them.