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Independent Non Executive Directors - CTSI (PDF 132KB) (Deadline extended to 28 October) 

Fair Trading Officer - East Sussex County Council (PDF 248KB) 

Trading Standards Professionals - West Yorkshire Joint Services (PDF 91KB) 

Fair Trading Officer - Derby City Council (PDF 69KB) 

Lead Metrology Contributor - CTSI (PDF 134KB) 

Trading Standards Officer - Devon County Council (PDF 83KB) 

Contributors for environment and metrology - Business Companion - CTSI (PDF 145KB) 

Online e-learning college contributor and monitor: product Safety - CTSI (PDF 183KB)

TS Appointments (10/10/16)

Principal Trading Standards Officer - West Sussex County Council (PDF 125KB)

Claims Management Officer and Technical Officer posts - Staffordshire County Council (PDF 127KB)

Senior TSO, Trading Standards Officer and Enforcement Officer TS - Plymouth City Council (PDF 460KB) 

Independent Non Executive Directors - CTSI (PDF 133KB)

Legal Metrology Contributors - CTSI (PDF 134KB)

TS Appointments (19/09/16)

Trading Standards Officer - Hertfordshire County Council (PDF 48KB)

Business guidance - contributors for environment - CTSI (PDF 134KB) 

TS Appointments (05/09/16)

Trading Standards Officer - City of London (PDF 512KB)

TS Today (October)

Various Positions, Various Locations - Kenyon Block (PDF 2.34MB) 


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