A day in the life of TSO Nousha

A picture of NoushaI work in the business support team, giving in-depth advice and training to companies. I also deal with weights and measures and am the lead officer for food standards within the department.


Arrive at office – check emails.


Meet colleague in training – finalise arrangements for day. Ensure up-to-date with new business or Home Authority enquiries. Divide up work and discuss appropriate action for each case.


Collect equipment and information needs for visits – food sampling kit, weights and weighing equipment, protective clothing and advisory information.


Arrive at premises for food standards inspection of records and paperwork. Inspect factory, follow production process from start to finish. Check product ingredients meet legal specifications and labelling checked. Conclude visit with meeting and advice given on any changes to production process.

13:30 Grab lunch


Call from Environmental Health about action planned for a public house inspection, check whether we have ongoing enforcement action against them.


Meeting with a large Home Authority company. Discussion about application of a British Standard to their product and changes to the labelling to ensure compliance.


Phone call from trader wanting guidance on amendments to food labelling regulations. Give brief advice and promise to send full guidance in writing.


Arrive back at the office, record details of visits on database. Draft letters to the businesses detailing advice and guidance given during day.