TSI equality and diversity action plan 2008/2009

Lead Officer(s) responsible and due date

Carry out equalities monitoring of TSI members, at annual renewals 08/09 and where training is provided.

Equalities data held for at least 50% of TSI Members

Sanju Manji, Valerie Ellison and TSI member of staff – January 2009

Promote the TSI Mentor scheme

A minimum of ten mentor/mentee relationships arranged

Valerie Ellison – March 2009

Run Equalities courses through TSI

A minimum of one course to be organised during the course of the year

Sanju Manji, Valerie Ellison and TSI Training & Development Officer – June 2009

Work with Positive Action Training Highway (PATH) to address the under-representation of people from black and ethnic minority backgrounds in the workplace, especially at senior levels

TSI signed up to the PATH scheme

Valerie Ellison – March 2009

Review equalities and diversity policy to assess implementation, effectiveness and possible amendments

Written report provided on progress

Sanju Manji and Valerie Ellison – September 2008

Provide information to Members about relevant Equalities and Diversity issues

Minimum of one article in TS Today

Sanju Manji and Valerie Ellison – October 2008

Consult Members on Equalities and Diversity Issues

Consultation carried out and results reported

Sanju Manji, Valerie Ellison and TSI member of staff – October 2008

Carry out Equality Impact Assessments on TSI policies

A minimum of two policies to be assessed

Sanju Manji – October 2008

Adopt a more readable font for all TSI communications to assist the visually impaired

San serif font (e.g. Arial, minimum size point 11 adopted)

Ron Gainsford (TSI Head Office) – December 2008

Work with Consumer Direct to improve access to Trading Standards from socially excluded groups

Improve the level of contact from socially excluded groups

Sanju Manji, Valerie Ellison and TSI member of staff – December 2008