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Ask CEdRIC aims to provide consumer educators and teachers with all they need to teach the consumer education-related aspects of the Citizenship curriculum.

Ask CEdRIC has been developed by Trading Standards Officers with guidance from PSHE/Citizenship Co-ordinators and teachers to ensure that it is suitable for use in the classroom.

Ask CEdRIC has areas suitable for KS1- 4 and has been designed to fit in with the Citizenship curriculum and the National Consumer Education Partnership framework (

The site provides you with ready-made:

The site also provides useful links other related sites which provide material and resources that will support teaching in the classroom.

Materials and resources are regularly updated to keep abreast of any changes to legislation, working practice or the Citizenship syllabus.

Citizenship and PSHE Framework for Consumer Education
Course Frameworks


Unit titleYear 1 and 2
Rights, Rules & ResponsibilitiesMaking Rules
Skills for Active CitizenshipKeeping Safe and Healthy
Communities & IdentityMy Money


Unit titleYear 3 and 4Year 5 and 6
Rights, Rules & ResponsibilitiesMaking RulesRules and the Law
Skills for Active CitizenshipHealthy & Safe LifestylesMaking Consumer Choices
Communities & IdentityOur EnvironmentMy Community


Unit titleYear 7Year 8Year 9
Rights & ResponsibilitiesWhat is a Consumer?Consumer/Trader Rights and ResponsibilitiesExercising my Consumer Rights
Government & DemocracyLocal Government and its role in helping the ConsumerCentral Government and its role in helping the ConsumerRole of Europe in helping the Consumer
Communities & IdentityConsumer and Traders in my local CommunityConsumer Choice and ExpectationsEthical Consumerism


Unit titleYears 10 and 11
Rights & ResponsibilitiesPractical Consumer LawPersonal Finance
Government & DemocracyMaking LawConsumers, Business and the Economy
Communities & IdentityConsumers and the EnvironmentGlobal Citizenship

The Ask CEdRIC website was developed by Cambridgeshire County Council Trading Standards ( with support from the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (

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