More than 17,000 self-balancing scooters – or ‘hoverboards’– have been examined at national entry points since 15 October due to safety concerns*.  Of these, over 15,000 (or 88%) have been assessed as unsafe and have been detained at the border. Officers at UK ports and borders have seen a huge spike in the number of these items arriving in recent weeks, destined to end up as gifts under the tree this Christmas. Officers from National Trading Standards Safety at Ports & Borders...
3 Dec 2015
Trading standards in Buckinghamshire are warning about the dangers of using the illegal drug 2.4 Dinitrophenol for weight reduction and body building in an autumn campaign aimed at students.Beer mats with the message 'Would you play Russian Roulette with DNP?' are being given to students and student union bars, targeting the age group officers say is most at risk.The message will be reinforced through social media. And Buckinghamshire and Surrey trading standards officers are visiting universities and colleges throughout both counties...
1 Dec 2015
Thousands of image-conscious Londoners are risking their health and even their lives by continuing to use banned skin lightening creams that can seriously damage organs and even cause cancer, according to London Trading Standards.The capital’s trading standards’ association – which works with 33 local authorities – has renewed its health warnings to both the public and local traders about the damage such products can cause.Steve Playle, from London Trading Standards, said: “Our teams have seized thousands of illegal products this...
30 Nov 2015
Virtually all illicit cigarettes failed fire safety tests conducted by trading standards officers in the first national study to consider the potentially deadly issue. The findings form part of the National Tobacco Control Survey, published by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) today. During the tests 98 per cent of the samples failed to self extinguish when left unattended posing an increased risk of furniture, bedding and even clothes catching fire. More than a third of fire deaths in homes...
30 Nov 2015
CTSI response (PDF 159KB). CTSI has submitted an extremely short response in order to put on record our support for the DfT action. 
30 Nov 2015
CTSI response (PDF 154KB). CTSI has responded to that part of the questionnaire which pertained to the supply of illicit alcohol. We strongly disagreed with the statement that the trade and consumption of illicit alcohol can be justified and used a case study to show the deadly danger of illicit alcohol to both those producing it and drinkers. We also drew attention to the recent stringent cuts in trading standards resources.     
27 Nov 2015
Responding to the Spending Review Melissa Dring, director of policy at the Chartered Trading Standards Institute, said it reaffirmed the need to restructure local services. She said: “Trading standards is often the only form of support afforded to a business by its local council and as councils become increasingly reliant on business rates this presents a problem. “Robust trading standards services are essential in order to promote and enforce a fair and level playing field, for businesses and consumers, and put simply...
26 Nov 2015
Warwickshire county council’s trading standards service was able to seize over 60 fake and dangerous ‘Maleficent’ dolls, before they reached the shop shelves in time for Christmas.Trading standards officers, working alongside the UK Border Force identified the suspect Chinese imports of ‘Maleficent’ dolls and seized them before they could go on sale to the public.Tests on the fake products revealed that they contained phthalates, chemicals harmful to children.Warwickshire County Councillor John Horner, Portfolio Holder for Community Safety said: “There is now...
26 Nov 2015
CTSI response (PDF - 210KB). CTSI welcomes the review and the fact that it is prepared to look beyond the Consumer Rights Act's controls over secondary ticketing. CTSI is concerned that the Act has increased the risks to consumers in its attempt to balance the conflicting interests of event organisers and secondary ticketing operators. 
20 Nov 2015
CTSI response (PDF - 160KB). CTSI agrees that the current regulations meet their objective; agrees that the objectives remain appropriate but calls for consideration of regular reviews; and states that the objectives could NOT be met with less regulation. 
19 Nov 2015