TSI response (PDF 109KB). TSI supports the intention of the Energy Information Regulations 2011 which establish a framework for energy labelling and product information. This consultation from the Committee of Advertising Practice and the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice covers the provisions in the Regulations for advertising. In this brief response, TSI explains the role of Trading Standards in the enforcement of the Regulations.
18 Aug 2011
An organsation which leads the war on counterfeit goods worldwide has hailed the work of local Trading Standards Officers. The Trading Standards East Midlands "Scambusters” Team, managed by Nottinghamshire County Council, has received a prestigious national award from the Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG) in recognition of its excellent work during 2010 protecting ACG members and consumers in the region from threats posed by fake goods.  ACG represents the interests of UK and multinational companies and works with Trading Standards to stop the...
17 Aug 2011
The Trading Standards Institute (TSI) has highlighted its vision for the next generation of consumers in an interim response to the Government’s Consumer Landscape consultation today.TSI’s chief executive Ron Gainsford said: “We welcome a review into the current consumer landscape to drive efficiencies into the system and to facilitate a more effectively joined up approach to consumer protection."TSI’s ‘triple lock’ of key elements for the new Consumer Landscape:1. Growth in the confidence and skills of consumers: through education, peer to...
15 Aug 2011
The Trading Standards Institute (TSI) has welcomed the announcement that another major energy supplier has announced it is to suspend doorstep energy sales.TSI has been campaigning for an end to cold calling for many years and is delighted at the EDF Energy announcement earlier today (7 September) that it is to suspend  energy doorstep sales. Similar announcements were made by British Gas in August and SSE (Scottish and Southern Energy plc) in July.See full press release.
15 Aug 2011
TSI response (PDF 225KB). TSI has submitted a detailed 16-page response including a two-page preamble. We welcome the proposals put forward in the consultation and endorse the reasons for which the need for reform has been highlighted.
12 Aug 2011
The Trading Standards Institute has called for practical solutions to cut waste in its response to the European Commission consultation on EU level action to reduce the use of plastic bags.TSI’s lead officer for the environment Lisa Foster said: “TSI supports any steps taken to protect the environment, but these must be practical and in the best interests of consumers and reputable businesses.”TSI is not in favour of an outright ban as consumers should be left free to make a...
10 Aug 2011
As we approach National Consumer Week 2011 the successful event from last year is highlighted in the Annual IP Crime Report of the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) launched 9 August 2011.The Trading Standards Institute (TSI) joined forces with IPO to raise awareness of safe online shopping with a checklist for consumers on how to avoid fake websites and products, scams and identity theft.A survey on TSI’s website found that 73 per cent of people are concerned about shopping online and...
10 Aug 2011
TSI response (PDF 111KB). TSI supports this  review of the use of plastic bags and believes in nudging consumers to make the right decision rather than introducing mandatory controls. 
9 Aug 2011
TSI response. The TSI response to this informal consultation is available to TSI Members only - Please contact to request a copy. 
8 Aug 2011
Brighton-based travel company Holidays 4U has collapsed, affecting an estimated 12,000 holidaymakers overseas and up to 50,000 people with bookings.Customers of Holidays 4U, which also traded as Aegean Flights, are protected under the Civil Aviation Authority's (CAA) Air Travel Organisers' Licensing (ATOL) protection scheme. Once again, however, as with the recent Dream Holidays and Goldtrail collapses, the consumer is confused by the lack of any transparent protection system.What the collapse means is that those consumers taking a package holiday (where...
5 Aug 2011