TSI is pleased to announce the release of Smartphone access to ts interlink, launched on 21st June at The Consumers Affairs and Trading Standards 2011 Conference and Exhibition. It works on Apple iPhone, Google Android and BlackBerry devices.Many of us are used to mobile working and need to stay in touch with events and contact colleagues while out of the office, and you can now use ts interlink while on the move.From your Smartphone you can read the News Service...
30 Jun 2011
TSI response (PDF 119KB). Full title: 'Solving disputes in the county courts: creating a simpler, quicker and more proportionate system - a consultation on reforming civil justice in England and Wales'. TSI welcomes and fully supports the objectives of this consultation, whilst identifying some concerns.
30 Jun 2011
TSI response (PDF 42.7KB). TSI supports Option 3 in the consultation letter - Revise the Regulations and amend Food Examiner qualifications, and include an additional provision on equivalent EU qualifications and training for food/public analyst and food examiner.
24 Jun 2011
Trading Standards Institute (TSI) has expressed concern about the Government proposals for the ‘Green Deal’ which is due to be implemented in autumn 2012.The Energy Bill is a vehicle for the Government to meet challenging carbon emission targets with the installation of ‘Green Deal’ measures into consumers’ homes, but TSI believes that, although the principles and intentions are good, the Bill needs strengthening. TSI is therefore calling for the Government to take further steps to ensure a high level of...
22 Jun 2011
TSI submission (PDF 205KB). TSI expresses its principal concerns which are two-fold: firstly, the potential for mis-selling and secondly, the security of data regarding Energy Performance Certificates.  
20 Jun 2011
TSI response (PDF 134KB). TSI agrees that electronic reporting for pig movements will provide more accurate and timely information that would be of significant help in a disease outbreak situation, but is concerned that uptake might be less than that predicted and that this could undermine the entire system and its capabilities. 
15 Jun 2011
TSI response (PDF 127KB). TSI concentrates its response upon the relationship between the proposed CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) and consumer policy.  
10 Jun 2011
A new online shopping directory has been created in a bid to help consumers avoid being ripped off online. Online counterfeiting and illegal shopping sites are a growing trend and more and more consumers are getting caught out. Fake luxury brand websites can attract over 120 million visits a year with an estimated £82 billion being spent online on counterfeit goods.Brand-i ( was created to resolve this problem. The website works very simply by allowing consumers to search through their...
7 Jun 2011
The food safety team at North East Lincolnshire Council is reassuring the public following media coverage of the current food poisoning outbreak occurring in Germany.Since the second week of May, there have been reports of hundreds of people suffering from E.coli food poisoning, with a small number of people reported to have died. Many more people are suspected to have bloody diarrhoea, which can be serious, or milder forms of the infection.Although there have been three reported cases in the...
2 Jun 2011
TSI response (PDF 105KB). TSI reiterates that it would like to see unsolicited doorstep selling of energy banned.
1 Jun 2011