TSI response (PDF 139KB). Whilst TSI is surprised that the valuable contribution of Trading Standards towards improving health and wellbeing was not acknowledged in this White Paper, we welcome the Government's recognition of the Trading Standards role in tobacco control in its Tobacco Control Plan for England and hopes that the Government will continue to recognise the Trading Standards role in future strategies to be published under the auspices of this White Paper. This response is full of examples of...
31 Mar 2011
TSI response (PDF 128KB). TSI explains why it thinks that the cost of enforcement will not, as assumed, be minimal and how some matters as drafted will prevent effective enforcement.
30 Mar 2011
TSI response (PDF 114KB). TSI believes that providing simple financial products which people find easy to understand and compare would encourage more consumers to take advantage of this type of product and promote competition. The need for some form of legislative requirement is suggested, together with the need for a standardised template for offering the same information for each product. 
25 Mar 2011
George Osborne’s budget includes tax increases on tobacco and alcohol that will hopefully help in the battle to reduce under age sales. The Trading Standards Institute notes his commitment to ‘substantially’ reduce burdens of the communications and media regulatory framework and, while welcoming anything that supports Intellectual Property (IP)-intensive businesses, will look closely at any following detail to identify any potential detriment to consumers.For more information and a summary of the The Plan for Growth document visit the policy pages...
24 Mar 2011
TSI response (PDF 202KB). A detailed 15-page response in which TSI describes the central role of Trading Standards in the current consumer credit regime (intelligence gathering, enforcement, Illegal Money Lending Teams, provision of information and advice to consumers and businesses) and states that the profession will lend its support to whatever option the Government decides upon, just has it has so successfully in the past. The Institute warns, however, that it is vital that the Consumer Credit legislation is not...
22 Mar 2011
Consumer group UK European Consumer Centre is advising UK consumers to make 2011 the year they ‘do their homework’ on their consumer rights when buying goods from the EU.The UK European Consumer Centre is encouraging UK consumers to check out their basic consumer rights so that they are safe and protected when making cross-border purchases in 2011.Jed Mayatt, UK European Consumer Centre (UKECC) Manager, said: “The UK ECC is the busiest European Consumer Centre within the entire network of 29...
17 Mar 2011
Poor financial services are consistently reported as one of the top consumer complaints, according to the organisation Consumers International. To mark World Consumer Rights Day, a set of  recommendations has been published today highlighting what can be done to support access, competition, fairness and safety in financial services. Read more about it at All consumers have to deal with financial services and educating young consumers is crucial, especially in today’s climate. TSI continues to support initiatives to promote financial education by hosting...
15 Mar 2011
TSI response (PDF 129KB). TSI draws the Commission's attention to some very good examples of coordinating training and qualifications across the EU and EEA, such as the initiatives under the PROSAFE umbrella (TSI plays a leading role in PROSAFE, the Product Safety Enforcement Forum  of Europe).
15 Mar 2011
PRESS RELEASE FROM FAST (FEDERATION AGAINST SOFTWARE THEFT) Software - Stay Legal campaign launched in North EastFAST trains up North East Trading Standards to stamp down on software piracy and protect jobs A new campaign highlighting the hidden costs of software piracy to the North East’s economy, showing that the “victimless crime” of software theft directly affects jobs in the region, has been launched.The campaign – ‘Software - Stay Legal’ – being launched at an event at the Baltic Centre for...
11 Mar 2011
TSI/ACTSO/TSNW joint response (PDF 105KB). TSI, the Association of Chief Trading Standards Officers, and Trading Standards North West identifies the need to set an equitable balance between 'fair use' and 'infringement'. There is a risk that any relaxation of the current copyright protection regime could create a 'counterfeiters' charter' by creating a veneer of legitimacy for criminal activities. Such an environment would be more costly for businesses as it would increase the need for civil action in order to protect their rights.
10 Mar 2011