TSI response (PDF 127KB). The Trading Standards Institute supports a modernisation of the current Directive in order to enhance the health policies of Member States. 
15 Dec 2010
Ron Gainsford, Chief Executive for the Trading Standards Institute, has responded to the Localism Bill which was published yesterday (13.12.10). He said: 'Power is being placed by the Coalition Government with local government through the Localism Bill, but greater power is being placed with the local electorate and local communities to call their councils to account and to drive their service and spend priorities.  'We believe local communities, people, economies and employment will disproportionately suffer if the vital role and...
14 Dec 2010
TSI response (PDF 112KB). TSI takes the opportunity to state its support for the work being done in this area by BIS.
10 Dec 2010
TSI response (PDF 116KB). TSI welcomes the proposed amendment concerning whether food business operators should continue to operate pending the outcome of an appeal against decisions to refuse or withdraw their approval for handling products of animal origin.  
10 Dec 2010
Recently gathered research from Ofcom shows that UK consumers are the highest spenders in Europe when it comes to shopping online. With this in mind, the Trading Standards Institute (TSI) would like to remind consumers about the potential risks involved. The total value of online purchases that UK internet users said they made in the last six months was £1,031. This was higher than any other major European country and nearly double the amount spent by Germany, who was the...
8 Dec 2010
A 34-year-old man has been handed a prison sentence after pleading guilty to selling counterfeit designer clothing online. Amit Sharma of Forbes Parks, Robins Lane, Bramhall and formerly of Cheltenham Drive, Sale, appeared at Manchester Crown Court on 26 November 2010 and was sentenced to 21 months imprisonment. He had pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to five specimen charges under the Trade Marks Act 1994. On 14 February 2007 Trafford Trading Standards, supported by Greater Manchester Police, executed an...
2 Dec 2010
TSI response (PDF 167KB). TSI suggests that consumer confidence would be increased if the law governing a contract within the internal market were to be the law of the member state in which the consumer lives until such time as a common clear system runs through the internal market.  
23 Nov 2010
TSI response (PDF 161KB). TSI has submitted a detailed response to this consultation, the implications of which could mean drastic changes for Trading Standards.
23 Nov 2010
Leicester Trading Standards Service raided a firm suspected of producing counterfeit clothing. The raid was a joint operation with the Police and the UK Border Agency.  Over 13,000 fake garments and labels were seized. The brand holders estimated the value of the seizure at over £400,000.  As a result, two men were arrested for offences under the Trade Marks Act and bailed pending further enquiries.Councillor Sara Russell, Cabinet Member, said 'the fake goods business damaged local businesses and the wider...
23 Nov 2010
Raids continue to take place across the country as council trading standards officers crack down on illegal tobacco houses, car boot sales and industrial depots to seize thousands of fake and smuggled cigarettes along with kilos of illicit hand-rolled tobacco. Setting up illegal businesses within private homes is becoming increasingly popular with criminals taking advantage of vulnerable adults desperate to save money.  Many are even profiting from children, with no regard to their health, whilst law-abiding retailers are reporting a...
22 Nov 2010