Croydon Council’s trading standards service has concluded its landmark Crown Court case against a prolific computer games counterfeiter in a case suspected of involving more than £800,000.  Franz Chung’s sentencing was concluded on 25 May at Croydon Crown Court after a protracted investigation going back to 2007 - in which the council were assisted by officers from ELSPA (the UK software publishing association). At the time when charges were first brought this was one of the very first cases in...
1 Jun 2010
TSI response (PDF 116KB). Apart from some concerns about detail, TSI welcomes the additional powers offered by Part 3 of the Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions Act as being valuable and appropriate. TSI therefore supports this initiative in testing the waters to ensure that the potential value of such new measures is realised.  
28 May 2010
The successful launch of the All Wales Doorstep Crime Campaign took place at the Millennium Stadium on 26 May.The event was presented by Sara Edwards, a well-known television presenter across Wales, and speakers included Carl Sergeant AM, Minister for Social Justice and Local Government, Sarah Stone, Deputy Older Persons Commissioner for Wales, Ken Yorston, Chair of WhoTS, Lisa Mitchell, Chairperson of the All Wales Doorstep Crime Group.The Minister spoke of the commitment of the Welsh Assembly Government to improving the...
27 May 2010
TSI response (PDF 113KB). TSI is concerned that the European Commission does not fully appreciate the role of TSOs in inland detection of imported counterfeit goods in the UK. Currently, European Regulations prevent HM Revenue and Customs sharing information on counterfeit goods with Trading Standards Services - this gateway must be opened.
25 May 2010
TSI response (PDF 147KB). TSI is keen to engage with the Government to produce an EPC regime that encourages compliance and supports enforcement. But the current EPC Regulations need more than a few minor "tweaks".
25 May 2010
TSI response (PDF 113KB). TSI is in general agreement with the proposals presented.
24 May 2010
We welcome the Government’s commitment to take action to protect consumers and to promote greater competition across the economy.We are pleased to see such policy statements as, stronger consumer protection in financial matters, higher standards of farm animal welfare and a shared cost responsibility for dealing with outbreaks of disease.The Government also proposes, amongst other things, tougher action on underage alcohol sales, anti-social behaviour and low-level crime.TSI is keen to engage with the Government on these issues and more. The...
20 May 2010
TSI response (PDF 114KB). TSI welcomes the guidance and the involvement of farmers in its early stages of preparation. TSI would, however, like the guidance to be simpler and would suggest the use of an end user group. TSI would be happy to be involved in this or to suggest some proactive groups. 
11 May 2010
Formed in 1881 as the British Association of Inspectors of Weights and Measures in response to the Weights and Measures Act 1878, after a few name changes and amalgamations we became the Trading Standards Institute in 2000.The original association was formed 'for the considerable advantage' of fostering 'uniformity of action' and 'a more professional approach' – values the Institute holds to this day.
7 May 2010
TSI response (PDF 133KB). Of the three options presented, TSI supports the option to renew and strengthen the existing self-regulatory agreement with the aocohol industry; TSI also, however, supports legislation for mandatory labelling if Government targets are not met.  
6 May 2010