TSI response (PDF 111KB). TSI shares Defra's concern regarding the possible serious implications should an outbreak of African Horse Sickness occur in the UK. It notes that enforcement will be by local authorities (LAs) and calls upon Defra to provide full practical and financial support to ensure that LAs are equipped to deal with an outbreak.
9 Mar 2010
TSI response (PDF 118KB). TSI welcomes this initiative to provide consumers with meaningful and reliable information which will potentially mean that consumers can make more informed choices and that businesses offering healthier choices can effectively market their products.
9 Mar 2010
Two car clockers jailed earlier this year have been ordered to pay back nearly £18,000 by Leicester Crown Court.The post-graduate students Zubair Ansari and Sharif Uddin will have to pay return the money within three months or face serving further time in prison.More than £5000 of this money obtained using the Proceeds of Crime Act will be paid back to the victims as compensation.Ansari and Uddin were jailed for 18 months and 12 months respectively this January after Leicestershire Trading...
9 Mar 2010
'The Trading Standards Institute is warning consumers to be on their guard should they receive a phone call from a company  offering free or cheap burglar alarms as part of their alleged work with the police or as part of a Government scheme.Agreeing to have one of these alarms will sign the resident up to a maintenance and monitoring contract that could cost thousands of pounds over many years.Read full press release
8 Mar 2010
The use of the Proceeds of Crime Act on minor criminals was claimed to potentially be too harsh a tool on the Donal MacIntyre show on Sunday 7 March.TSI's operations director Andy Foster was interviewed on the radio 5 Live programme to argue the case for the use of POCA by trading standards.The show can be listened to on BBC I Player - this report starts half way through
8 Mar 2010
TSI response (PDF 123KB). TSI believes that the creation of the Consumer Advocate is both important and timely. We look forward to working with the Consumer Advocate and are confident that our roles will be mutually complementary. 
5 Mar 2010
The biggest counterfeiting operation ever to be investigated by trading standards has resulted in a jail sentence for the ringleader of the criminal network. Gary Bellchambers was convicted of masterminding a global fake golf club scam, which was the largest counterfeiting conspiracy uncovered on eBay, and has been sentenced to four years and three months in jail on March 4.The defendants sold millions of pounds worth of counterfeit golf clubs and other fake golf merchandise through the website between June...
4 Mar 2010
TSI response (PDF 129KB). TSI strongly supports the adoption of Option 4 which would leave Regulation 5 unchanged but offer guidance on its application together with step-by-step flow diagrams.
3 Mar 2010
Sainsbury’s was fined £45,500 on 1 March after a trading standard officer on a routine inspection found food being sold a fortnight past its use by date.Alarmed by the fact that five of the ten food items found were pâté products that were out of date by 15 days Torfaen Trading Standards launched an investigation into the date control systems operated by the supermarket.During this investigation the Council received complaints from members of the public who had also found food items...
1 Mar 2010
Spending more on food does not always mean getting better quality or better taste, reveals an investigation carried out by Suffolk Trading Standards.Trading standards officers took samples of value and standard products purchased from the big four supermarkets and sent them away for nutritional analysis.  Clare Davies, Senior Trading Standards Officer, said; ‘Our investigation has shown that, in general, when in comes to buying meat products you should invest a little of your money in the more expensive product as...
25 Feb 2010