TSI response (PDF 114KB). TSI supports the general principle of an independent body, but expresses a number of concerns on the proposals as set out in the consultation document
30 Jun 2009
The Trading Standards Institute workforce survey 2009 is now online ready for completion.The research, carried out every three years, is a valuable tool to profile trading standards services across the country and to identify key trends.TSI deputy chief executive Paul Ramsden said:  ‘In 2006 we had a 90 per cent response rate.  This is great but we are really hoping this time to reach those remaining 10 per cent as well - please do take the time to complete the...
29 Jun 2009
Ron Gainsford, chief executive of the Trading Standards Institute, has welcomed the Government’s consumer White Paper, saying it contained several measures that would boost consumer confidence in difficult times.'The "consumer advocate" proposal is really good news because it will help to further foster a healthy balance between consumers and businesses,' said Mr Gainsford.'It is particularly important to raise consumer confidence in ways such as this during a time of global recession.'View the White Paper on the BIS/BERR websiteFor more on this...
29 Jun 2009
TSI response (PDF 101KB). TSI substantially agrees with the proposals put forward 
22 Jun 2009
TSI response (PDF 106KB). TSI agrees that there is a case for amending section 2(2)(b) concerning damage caused by straying animals
19 Jun 2009
TSI response (PDF 98.1KB). TSI welcomes the consultation and agrees with many of the points raised
15 Jun 2009
TSI response (PDF 94.3KB). TSI would prefer a more modest increase in the ATOL Protection Charge than that proposed. It points out, however, its belief that the system is out-of-date and confusing, and calls for transparency
12 Jun 2009
TSI response (PDF 90.9KB). TSI believes that, at any time, fairness and responsibility within the financial services industry must be paramount and is pleased to see that the OFT will seek to review its debt management guidance later this year 
12 Jun 2009
Insurance law reform was the theme of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Consumer Affairs and Trading Standards (CATS) on 19 May.The meeting was well attended  - TSI was represented by deputy chief executive Paul Ramsden, communications and policy manager Suzanne Kuyser, policy officer Jessica Tangye and press officer Irja Howie.  TSI's new president Baroness Crawley of Edgbaston was also present.Law Commission commissioner David Hertzell presented to the group the issue of archaic laws presently governing consumer insurance contracts.  There...
12 Jun 2009
TSI response (PDF 49.2KB). TSI feels there would be merit in placing a specific reference to enforcement by Trading Standards (which would provide an additional tool when dealing with rogue traders) and suggests TSI involvement in training similar to that delivered when the smoking ban was introduced
10 Jun 2009