Collective redress and consumer pre-payments were the two topics covered at the  All Party Parliamentary Group for Consumer Affairs and Trading Standards (CATS) that took place 9 June.In the first half of the meeting the Group considered the case for and against collective redress after an informative presentation by Robert Musgrove, chief executive officer at the Civil Justice Council.The Civil Justice Council published in December 2008 recommendations aimed at improving access to justice for consumers and small businesses, bringing collective...
10 Jun 2009
At least £347 million a year of consumers' money is saved by the work of trading standards officers across the country.  New figures released by the Office of Fair Trading reveal that for every £1 trading standards services spend on busting rogue traders and businesses breaking the law with unfair practices, £6 worth of savings are delivered to the consumer.The overall figure of £347million includes:* an estimated saving of at least £228m a year delivered by TSS through tackling unfair...
9 Jun 2009
TSI response (PDF 95.1KB). TSI is pleased that the focus of the strategic plan priorities is on an evidential risk based approach and looks forward to involvement in discussions on future legislation
5 Jun 2009
TSI response (PDF 97KB). TSI calls for Passenger Focus to be given the necessary powers to be able to represent air passengers fully. TSI is concerned, however, that the consultation's proposals could lead to an increase in flight costs with little visible change in the flying experience
1 Jun 2009
TSI response (PDF 97.9KB). A detailed response to the proposal that other enforcement bodies be authorised for primary production
28 May 2009
The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 (CPR) turned one on 26 May and has already shown its clout with 171 enforcement cases taken by trading standards across the country.TSI's civil law lead officer David Sanders said there had initially been concerns over how the new regulations would compare to previous legislation but he said: 'I am pleased to say that we are learning to love CPR, it is a very useful tool.   One year on we are realising that this...
26 May 2009
TSI response (PDF 99.5KB). TSI response to a National Measurement Office (formerly National Weights & Measures Laboratory, NWML) consultation
22 May 2009
Getting to grips with stock rotation and check out procedures was all in a day's work for senior local regulation representatives as they traded places to promote a new mutual learning scheme.Local Better Regulation Office's (LBRO) Trading Places was developed to foster understanding between regulatory services and the companies that they monitor.The event hosted this week by Tesco and Sainsbury's enabled participants to find out first-hand how council inspections and enforcement operations impact the day-to-day running of businesses.  They received...
22 May 2009
TSI response (PDF 310KB). TSI welcomes the introduction of 'carbon neutral' but is aware that, as a voluntary measure, its use is open to abuse
21 May 2009
Distraction burglars and bogus workmen are under the spotlight as trading standards professionals, police officers and Government agencies join forces for the National Rogue Trader Day on May 20.The day of action forms part of a week of activities highlighting the dangers posed by doorstepping conmen.Ron Gainsford, chief executive of the Trading Standards Institute (TSI), said: 'Rogue Trader Day is a brilliant example of trading standards professionals, the police and a wide range of other agencies working together to tackle...
20 May 2009