TSI response (PDF 353KB). TSI response to the consultation "Proposal to lower the legal threshold for enforcement of the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 ("PECR"), for regulations 19-24, to tackle unsolicited direct marketing calls and SMS text messages". TSI believes that so-called nuisance calls are a conduit for serious and organised crime, negligent business activity, and aggressive trading practices to target consumers, especially the vulnerable. TSI believes that the threshold for enforcement of the regulations should be lowered...
3 Dec 2014
Thousands of dangerous and counterfeit goods have been prevented from entering the UK after being seized by KCC trading standards from a huge consignment entering Dover Docks. Among the 5,470 permanently seized items were 1,960 toys, including 426 character dolls from the blockbuster Disney film “Frozen” intended for the Christmas toy market. There were also 3,000 sets of Christmas lights which were not properly insulated and could have caused electric shocks. The rest of the consignment of nearly 170,000 items, which originated...
26 Nov 2014
TSI response (PDF 163KB). TSI believes that "nuisance calls" (including silent and abandoned calls) are a conduit for criminal behaviour and "scam phone calls". The credulous are vulnerable not only to legitimate callers but also to the rogues. Furthermore, the vulnerable are the least likely to complain about any psychological or economic impact of such calls. TSI calls for robust qualitative and quantitative analysis of the situation so that effective regulation, intervention, and enforcement can take place. 
25 Nov 2014
Council chiefs today urged Kingston residents to keep a keen eye out for rogue traders who may be preying on vulnerable neighbours in the area.The warning follows the case of a 79-year old Chessington woman being driven to a bank to withdraw thousands of pounds by a builder who undertook poor and unnecessary work.Hugh Christopher Coyle, aged 48, of Clayton Rd, Chessington duped the pensioner into paying him £12,900 for sub-standard work after a small repair job escalated. Coyle was...
25 Nov 2014
TSI response (PDF 184KB). TSI generally welcomes the new provisions in the Consumer Rights Bill to give consumers redress, to help them make better choices, and to prevent businesses from creating further harm. TSI is concerned, however, that complexity of process, cost, and risk to the enforcer may affect the number of authorities taking up such provisions. Overall, the guidance is well written, clear, and helpful.
24 Nov 2014
TSI response (PDF 214KB). TSI concerns centre on the requirement for trading standards officers to give 48 hours notice of a "routine" inspection and the lack of any reference to the Regulator's Code or Primary / Home Authority. TSI also identifies a lack of clarity in parts of the guidance and several errors.
24 Nov 2014
TSI response (PDF 243KB). TSI favours a repeal of the Bills of Sale Acts and the remainder of the 1964 Hire Purchase Act. The present desperation by consumers in the tightening financial markets has convinced TSI that the whole of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 needs reforming to better protect the consumers in the rapidly changing market.
21 Nov 2014
Baroness Hayter, shadow consumer affairs minister in the House of Lords, has explained her plans to 'change the Consumer Rights Bill to protect the UK's most vulnerable', in a recent blog post and supported TSI's concerns over the 48 hours' notice to businesses clause in the Bill. Released on the first day of the report stage of the Consumer Rights Bill, Baroness Hayter has asked for the removal of 'a nonsensical clause from the Bill regarding the government’s intent to make Trading...
19 Nov 2014
The Trading Standards Institute’s (TSI) chief executive Leon Livermore said: “We are extremely concerned by  the lack of any coordinated monitoring of the impact financial cuts are having on local authorities’ service delivery, as shown by the National Audit Office’s latest report.“At TSI we have been ringing the alarm bells over the savage budget cuts to trading standards services for some time. The number of trading standards staff has already been halved over five years, potentially putting the health and wellbeing...
19 Nov 2014
Mohammed Bashir, aged 30 of Bradford was sentenced to a 12 month prison sentence at Leeds Crown Court on 14 November 2014 after pleading guilty to six sample offences under the Trade Marks Act 1994 and participating in a fraudulent business.The case related to illegal trading of counterfeit and pirate copy DVDs from Jav’s video shop on Brudenell Road, Leeds, opposite the independent cinema Hyde Park cinema house.  After receipt of complaints about the business, officers from West Yorkshire trading...
18 Nov 2014