A Leek farmer has today been disqualified from keeping livestock for 10 years.  Douglas Bailey (71) from Dial Lane, Staffordshire pleaded guilty to 16 offences at Stafford Magistrates Court earlier today. Mr Khal Mahmood, prosecuting on behalf of Staffordshire County Council told magistrates that animal health officers from Trading Standards had visited the farm at Dial Lane on a number of occasions during August 2013 following a complaint over animal welfare at the site.  Officers who attended found cattle, sheep and...
12 Aug 2014
 A Norfolk dog breeder has been sentenced to six months imprisonment today (Friday 1 August) for fraudulent trading, after an investigation by Norfolk County Council's Trading Standards team proved she cheated scores of consumers out of thousands of pounds by selling hundreds of puppies with Kennel Club pedigree certificates secured with false information.The court also made an antisocial behaviour order on conviction against Mrs Walsh. She is thereby prohibited from advertising, selling, exchanging or offering to sell or exchange any...
11 Aug 2014
Dumping tyres and old car parts has cost a local garage owner dearly this week after he was ordered to pay almost £7,000 following a prosecution by Croydon Council.Ramiz Laci, aged 39, of Haling Park Road, appeared in Croydon Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday 5 August and pleaded two offences under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. He was fined £1,600 and ordered to pay costs of more than £5,000.The offences, which were clearly identified in photographic evidence, took place in July...
7 Aug 2014
TSI response (PDF 351KB). TSI supports the introduction of regulations to implement standardised packaging for tobacco products. We see the regulations as an important positive contribution to reducing the harm caused by tobacco consumption. The government is, however, urged to recognise the resource constraints faced by trading standards at a local level and to ensure that new enforcement requirements are adequately resourced.
7 Aug 2014
TSI response (PDF 227KB). TSI response (PDF 227KB). Three of the four pertain to weighbridges in ports. TSI believes that loaders of ferries need accurate information about the gross weight of heavy goods vehicles in order to load the vessel in a balanced way. Faced with a vehicle of unknown weight they need access to a weighbridge. This response discusses the relationship between ports and their local trading standards officers), the role of the TSOs in ensuring that weighbridges are accurate, costs...
7 Aug 2014
North East Lincolnshire Council’s Trading Standards team is advising smokers who use e-cigarettes to make sure they do so safely. E–cigarettes have recently grown in popularity in the UK with an estimated 2.1 million people now using them. The technology associated with e-cigarettes does present some risks if not used correctly and it’s important that people know how to use them safely and only buy them from reputable retailers. A fire started at a house in Grimsby last summer because a charger that...
4 Aug 2014
TSI response (PDF 327KB). TSI recognises the enormous challenges that local government faces in tackling the pressures of increasing demand and decreasing resource. The focus of the debate to date has been on the larger local government services and TSI reminds the Commission that cuts are falling disproportionately upon those smaller services (such as trading standards) having a smaller footprint and profile.
1 Aug 2014
TSI response (PDF 181KB). TSI fully supports the proposed change. It will prevent ATOL protected seats from being sold to exempt businesses (those businesses which don't need an ATOL) who may well sell these unprotected seats alongside other components to UK consumers, leaving the whole combination with no protection. 
31 Jul 2014
TSI response (PDF 183KB). TSI is of the opinion that if Italy is successful in obtaining a derogation for the term "Probiotico" then it could undermine the current European Commission's opinion on the use of the term "probiotic" and cause consumer confusion. A more sensible way forward would be to review more robustly the use of the term in the EU.  
30 Jul 2014
TSI response (PDF 127KB). TSI points out that most shops selling alcohol also sell other age-restricted products such as tobacco and maybe fireworks or butane gas. The impact of the measures put forward in this consultation may therefore be of wider benefit in improving public health within communities. Recent changes in the delivery of public health provide a very real opportunity for new ways of working, strengthening the links between public health and regulatory services such as trading standards and licensing...
29 Jul 2014