British Hallmarking Council (BHC) is calling for entries to its 2016 Touchstone Award, underlining the importance of education and enforcement in hallmarking in the UK’s jewellery and precious metals industries.Awarded every year since its launch in 2012, the Touchstone Award is funded by the UK’s four Assay Offices – the Goldsmiths’ Company in London, Assay Office Birmingham, Sheffield Assay Office and Edinburgh Assay Office. The Touchstone Award was established to encourage the enforcement of hallmarking and to reward the best enforcement...
4 Feb 2016
CTSI response (PDF - 246KB). CTSI supports the Law Commission argument for regulation to control the phrasing of event fees in residential leases in like manner to the existing controls on consumer contracts thus making terms and conditions readily available before a bargain is struck, regulating unfair contract terms, and proscribing misleading practices. 
29 Jan 2016
CTSI response (PDF - 199KB). CTSI identifies (and provides case studies for) three areas in which consumers are most at risk of detriment - complex financial products (such as pensions), mass marketing fraud, and doorstep crime.    
29 Jan 2016
CTSI response (PDF - 185KB). CTSI is particularly concerned about the energy efficiency and renewable energy sector, where there seem to be particular problems due to a number of factors. CTSI identifies some reasons for the failure of the Green Deal, including too many certification bodies. CTSI supports codes of practice as a means of attaining best practice - indeed it operates the Consumer Codes Approval Board.
22 Jan 2016
CTSI response (PDF - 165KB). CTSI looks forward to continuing its productive relationship with the Competition and Markets Authority, particularly on two key areas mentioned in the plan - guidance for business and support for local authority trading standards services. 
21 Jan 2016
The Year Ahead Conference 2016, the foremost regulatory event in the calendar, is only a month away and the CIEH is urging people to book their places now. This year’s event is on 11 and 12 February at the Holiday Inn, Stratford-upon-Avon, and will give the opportunity for local politicians and managers responsible for regulatory services to gain an insight into how to effectively navigate the changing regulatory and structural landscape. The 2016 conference, which is being hosted by the...
18 Jan 2016
Gilders Transport Ltd, of Marlborough Cottage, Gretton Field were at Cheltenham Magistrates court in January to answer to nine offences relating to the handling of animal by products.The court heard that Gilders Transport Ltd, who were registered as a fallen stock collector, picking up carcasses of dead stock from farms and taking them to a rendering plant, had been combining loads of carcases at their yard without the required approval. The company had also on one occasion left carcases uncovered...
18 Jan 2016
A travel operator has been fined over £12,000 for failing to protect customers who purchased Hajj pilgrimage packages.Al Kabir Travels & Tours Ltd. was fined a total of £12,644 for two consumer protection offences at Thames Magistrates’ Court on January 7, 2016.The company was previously fined £9,606 in August last year for similar offences in action instigated by Birmingham City Council.Al Kabir Travels & Tours Ltd. did not ensure the protection of 120 pilgrims who travelled to Saudi Arabia last...
18 Jan 2016
CTSI response (PDF - 174KB). The complaints that have been received about cloud storage are typical of those received across the digital spectrum and beyond. There may be a future problem with termination and CTSI calls for the relevant terms and conditions to be transparent and fair. We do, however, perceive a potentially serious problem with trading standards investigations into cloud storage if the data is held in a non-UK or non-EU country, in which case trading standards may have few...
15 Jan 2016
Two rogue car salesmen who flogged ‘clocked’ cars have been jailed, following an extensive investigation by Hammersmith & Fulham Council.Erk Dymiter, 24, and Krystian Skowronski, 28, were each given 18-month sentences at Isleworth Crown Court on Friday 8 January for ‘clocking’ second-hand cars by reducing the mileage. They also provided false documentation when selling the BMWs, Audis and Mercedes in West Kensington.The racket was uncovered following a collaborative three-year investigation by Hammersmith & Fulham Council’s trading standards and anti-fraud teams...
14 Jan 2016