Inventive Leisure Services Ltd pleaded guilty 9 August at York Magistrates Court to being in possession for sale of under-strength spirits at Revolution Bar off Coney Street. The company was given a two-year conditional discharge and ordered to pay £4,035 in prosecution costs.City of York Council trading standards officers uncovered the offences during a routine inspection in June 2011. They found vodka and whisky with lower than required alcohol content. The company said this was most probably caused by using open-top pourers and...
13 Aug 2012
TSI response (PDF 241KB). TSI believes that, in contrast to letting agents, the estate agent sector operates well as a result of the regulatory structure which provides confidence and certainty to those operating within it and using it. It would be very disappointing to see this well-functioning sector ruined for honest operators and consumers just because some businesses don't want to abide by the same legislation that their competitors have been quite happy to comply with for years.
10 Aug 2012
TSI response (PDF 323KB). TSI believes that standardisation of tobacco packaging is an appropriate and proportionate resopnse to a major population harm. At the heart of this consultation is the cast iron evidence that of the harms of tobacco. This evidence is so strong - and the impact of tobacco so great - that any interventions that will reduce this harm should, where possible, be embraced. 
10 Aug 2012
TSI response (PDF 139KB). TSI believes that greater consistency in UK front-of-pack labelling will be of great benefit to consumers, both in terms of increased consumer understanding and ease of finding information they are looking for. TSI will offer what relevant support it can in achieving this. 
6 Aug 2012
Two former directors of Compass Mobility Limited, who were found guilty in July of four counts of consipracy to defraud, in a case brought by Scambusters, were sentenced on Friday 3 August.Vincent Andrew Watkinson (aged 51) of Bythorpe Road, Chesterfield  and Timothy Leonard Herbert Wright (aged 47) of Goldcrest Road, Sponden were each sentenced to five years' imprisonment. Both had pleaded not guilty but were found guilty at an earlier hearing. Both were banned from being company directors for 15 years.Sentenced...
2 Aug 2012
We are delighted that our National Consumer Week 2011 campaign "Good Sports Don't Fake It " has been shortlisted for a CIPR, Chartered Insitute of Public Relations, pride award.The campaign, produced with Mosaic Publicity and supported by Olympian Tessa Sanderson, raised awareness of scams and fakes that could be associated with the 2012 Games to help ensure that consumer's enjoyement of the event would be protected from criminals.The winner will be announced October 11.Find out details of our National Consumer Week 'cold...
2 Aug 2012
Cumbria County Council’s Trading Standards service have teamed up with the library service and Citizens Advice Bureau to launch regular consumer advice surgeries across the county.Members of the public can drop-in to these new sessions, without having to make an appointment, to get advice on all consumer matters. Businesses can also use the surgeries to seek advice on compliance with consumer legislation and other regulatory matters.Each surgery is manned by a Community Support officer who is able to provide personal...
2 Aug 2012
A prosecution has been brought against three companies forming a complete supply chain for an unsafe teeth whitening kit, and ordered to pay a total of £10,325 in fines and costs. Following a complaint from a local resident, Hull City Council’s Trading Standards carried out an investigation into the supply of the product, described as being a ‘professional home kit’. Concerns were raised by the consumer when her clothes were stained whilst using the product, which had been given to...
2 Aug 2012
TSI response (PDF 133KB). TSI supports the Government's proposals that (i) cinema advertisements should be subject to pre-release scrutiny by a single body and (ii) the threshold for exemption be lowered so that the BBFC would classify ALL works that could be of harm to children, encompassing all current categories of video works exempt from classification.
31 Jul 2012
The London Games are finally upon us and trading standards are playing their part in the huge Olympic machinery.Read the blog of one trading standards officer working in the Cardiff Olympic zone:
26 Jul 2012