All Party Parliamentary Group Consumer Affairs and Trading Standards


The All Party Parliamentary Group for Consumer Affairs and Trading Standards aims to:

  • To increase the awareness and raise the level of debate in both Houses of Parliament and Government on issues concerning consumer affairs and the trading standards profession.
  • To encourage members of the APPG-CATS to become advocates on issues that affect consumers and the trading standards profession.
  • To inform MPs and Peers of the key issues affecting consumers and the trading standards profession and encourage them to raise issues during relevant parliamentary sessions.
  • To foster dialogue between the Group and key stakeholders in the fields of consumer affairs and trading standards.
  • To encourage stakeholders (both individuals and organisations) to support and attend relevant APPG-CATS meetings.
  • To endeavour to collaborate with other All-Party Parliamentary Groups on issues of mutual interest.

Upcoming meetings

 There are currently no further meetings scheduled for the APPG during this Parliament.

Recent meetings

The final meeting of CATS during this Parliament was held on Tuesday 3 March 2015 in Room R, Portcullis House.  The meeting was a celebration of the past five years of the APPG and guest speakers included co-chair of the group Stephen Lloyd MP, Lou Baxter of the National Trading Standards Scams Team, and lawyer Peter Tyldesley who worked with the APPG to drive changes to consumer insurance law in 2012.

Minutes from this meeting are available here.



The APPG-CATS is an officially registered all party parliamentary group, with twenty qualifying members representing the three main political parties.  Austin Mitchell MP and Stephen Lloyd MP jointly chair the Group. The Secretary is Baroness Christine Crawley.

Follow this link for a full list of APPG members.



The Chartered Trading Standards Institute's policy team and information centre manage the administration. We have not sponsored any trips or visits by MPs and any costs incurred have been for light refreshments, invitations (where posted) and speaker travel costs. 


Non-members are welcome to attend Group meetings by invitation or on request. For further information about the Group, its members or its meetings, please contact CTSI Policy Director, Melissa Dring  (