Consumer Rights Act

The Consumer Rights Bill has been introduced by government to simplify and clarify consumer law. Confident, informed consumers will drive innovation and growth in the UK economy; as such, CTSI welcomes the government's focus on improving and modernising consumer rights.

However, there are several issues which we believe need to be addressed if the Bill is to achieve the government's ambitions. A key concern is the decrease in resources for trading standards services across the country shown by the Trading Standards Workforce Survey. We are concerned that continued reductions in the capacity to take on local, regional and national consumer cases could seriously undermine the ambitions of the Bill.  

Progress through Parliament 

We are committed to providing information and advice to parliamentarians to assist them as the Bill passes through both Houses.  

CTSI's latest briefing on the Consumer Rights Bill was produced for the report stage debate in the House of Lords in November 2014. In this document we lay out our reasons for supporting the amendment tabled by Baroness Hayter, Lord Stevenson and Lord Best seeking to remove the requirement for 48 hours notice from the Bill. 

You can read about the debate on the amendment on the CTSI blog. Unfortunately the amendment was defeated by 26 votes, and the requirement for 48 hours notice will remain in the Bill. The government has committed to reviewing this two years after implementation.  

The Bill has now passed through its final stages in the Houses of Parliament and is awaiting Royal Assent.