Strengthening community safety

Trading Standards addresses some of the greatest concerns and vulnerabilities of the public.

A vital role is undertaken by local authority Trading Standards Services as trusted providers in the arena of community safety, taking action to

  • prevent people being victims of commercial crime in their own homes 
  • disrupt traders from operating in the informal economy 
  • prevent harm to children and nuisance caused by young people accessing age-restricted goods.

Across the UK joint working and sharing of resources has been established. Trading Standards works with a range of partners and often takes part in multi-agency raids alongside the Police, HM Revenue and Customs, Department for Transport, and Environmental Health Officers.

 Investigation targets nuisance calls... 

Tools for trading standards professionals 

Enforcement Toolkit
A practical guide to IP protection at markets 
The Little Book of Big Scams 

Operation Sterling, a unit within the Specialist and Economic Crime Directorate in the Metropolitan Police Service has produced a booklet entitled 'The Little Book of Big Scams.'

A link to the booklet and a downloadable version can be accessed at

The booklet is copyrighted so please be aware of the following;

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You can use the document as a whole entity only.

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You cannot use any of its contents in your material without reference to our copyright.

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