National Trading Standards Conversation

The National Trading Standards Conversation has now concluded. Login as a CTSI member to view the National Trading Standards Conversation report

The results of the conversation indicated the need for further research on the impact of trading standards. CTSI are working with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) to commission analysis of the impact of trading standards activity in the areas of economic growth, public health, environmental protection and community safety as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of trading standards services. The results will demonstrate the contribution of trading standards to local and national priorities and the benefits to the public purse of investment in the service. The research is due to be published in early December. 

 Perceptions Audit

As part of the National Conversation, CTSI commissioned a Perceptions Audit which measured awareness and understanding of trading standards among elected members. Cabinet members with responsibilty for trading standards as part of their portfolio were asked a series to questions to ascertain the value they placed on the service in comparison with other council services.

Two years after our first National Trading Standards Conversation on the consumer landscape review consultation, we undertook a sweeping nationwide second conversation. This time we were examining the full remit of a modern trading standards service, tackling the core issues that determine the effectiveness of trading standards across the UK.

Trading Standards is undergoing a period of change: the implementation of the consumer landscape review is transforming the way trading standards is delivered, and the government's programme for Better Regulation opens the way for a serious discussion on the issues.

We were looking for fresh ideas for how to deliver Trading Standards as the relationship between businesses and consumers shifts and more regulation originates in Europe.

The results of the conversation have been collected in a report which CTSI members can view here

For more information about the project please contact CTSI Policy Director Melissa Dring: