College of Fellows research papers

CTSI’s College of Fellows was established in 1950 and became a registered charity in 1957. It has, through its educational and charitable activities, a vital role to play in support of the trading standards profession.

To meet its stated aims, the College actively promotes the uptake of educational research scholarships (some of which can be found below), endeavours to meet the charitable needs of members and their families and is involved in the making of recommendations for the award of CTSI Fellowships.

For information on the research programme please contact Tom Philpott (01934 412019,

Controlling underage sales - Is test purchasing having an effect? (PDF 311KB)
August 2006 72pp
The College of Fellows supported this research produced by James Munro, which was undertaken specifically as part of the author's MA in Professional Development with the University of Glamorgan in Pontypridd, but which has relevance to the trading standards community. The aim of the research is to establish if test purchase operations affect the incidence of under age sales (of age-restricted products). Although the research concentrates on issues affecting Powys, it is anticipated that the findings could be used by other authorities.

DIY holidays - a risk too far?  (PDF 836KB)
May 2005 53pp
The College of Fellows fully funded CTSI Lead Officer on Travel and Holiday Industry Bruce Treloar in his extensive research.  

Trading standards officer career marketing  (PDF 113KB)
July 2004 18pp
The College funded this report by Sue Seddon, which as a substantial piece of applied research, formed part of her final year of study for an MSc in Management and Leadership with Leeds Metropolitan University. 

Packaging – useful or wasteful? (PDF 49KB)
June 2004 3pp
PowerPoint presentation from TSI Conference 2004  (PDF 284KB)
The College of Fellows funded this pilot study, research and report by Maggie Gibbons-Loveday, which was intended as a lead into CTSI's environmental strategy.

The control of jewellery quality in Germany  (PDF 124KB)
 July 2003 5pp
The College made available funding for this research carried out by Joe Burns, to a brief agreed with CTSI, in order for the Institute to better understand controls exercised over precious metals within Germany and compare them with controls in the UK and those proposed in a EU draft Directive.

The Average System of Weights and Measures David May 2008 (PDF 111KB)

Sudan Report - Stephannie Hudson (PDF 56KB)
This report was carried out with joint sponsorship between the College and the Institute of Governance and Pubilic Management at Warwick Business School.

Sudan Report - Stephannie Hudson - Next Actions (PDF 20KB)

Understanding adaptability within the Trading Standards System including Appendicies A to C - Sandra Harkness - 2011       (PDF 2MB) 

Sandra Harkness Report - Appendix D   (PDF 59KB)

Sandra Harkness Report - Appendix E   (PDF 25KB) 

Sandra Harkness Report - Appendix - Trading Standards Map  (PDF 242KB) 

World Conference on Tobacco or Health - Richard ferry - 2012  (PDF 690 KB) 

Dissertation - The Reason Why Independant Retailers Illegally Sell Tobacco Products to Young People - Jane MacGregor -2013

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