Consultation responses

TSI response (PDF 177KB). TSi is particularly concerned about the the effects of nuisance calls upon vulnerable consumers. Ofcom has estimated that 5% to 10% of nuisance calls are potentially scams yet the DCMS Nuisance Call Action Plan fails to address this issue. The concept of a series of fines increasing depending upon the severity of breach is commendable.
28 Apr 2014
TSI response (PDF 240KB). TSI welcomes the opportunity to comment upon the proposed rules and is particularly pleased to note the specific emphasis upon the protection of children and young persons. Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to existing tobacco use, not a starting point; any references to positive qualities derived from the use of the product or promotion of smoking or tobacco products should be prohibited. It is preferable to use the term "vapouriser" rather than "electronic cigarette". The rules should be revised regularly in the light of emerging evidence and any changes to the relevant legislation.  
22 Apr 2014
TSI response (PDF 85.6KB). TSI expresses concern that any activity in which a trading standards officer might be involved in an attempt to replicate the consumer experience (for example test purchasing) should not be restricted.
27 Mar 2014
TSI written evidence to House of Commons Public Bill Committee(PDF 232KB). TSI welcomes the Bill but points out that it does not address 'copycat websites', unsafe goods, trading standards minimum competency requirements, or bills of sale. TSI also identifies areas of the Bill which could be improved.
13 Mar 2014
TSI response (PDF 187KB). TSI agrees with the need to maintain legislation ensuring minimum meat contents for products using reserved descriptions. TSI also agrees with the proposed new enforcement regime.
6 Mar 2014
TSI response (PDF 67.8KB). TSI believes that better enforcement of consumer rights is needed in the fields of timeshare/holiday club products, car rental, and misleading / fraudulent practices falling under the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive. Challenges include lack of: clarity concerning enforcement jurisdiction; accessible translation facilities; and budgets and resources. It would help if consumers had access to an EU complaints system and also if common procedural standards were to be introduced.  
12 Feb 2014
TSI response (PDF 318KB). A detailed response picking up inaccuracies and omissions in the proposed regulations. 
7 Feb 2014
TSI response (PDF 200KB). This response is based upon trading standards' experience of businesses run by sole traders and small partnerships who seek assistance and advice regarding obtaining solutions for late payment issues. The single problem encountered most is a fear of loss of future business with a late payer, especially when that late payer forms a large percentage of their income.   
31 Jan 2014
TSI response (PDF 182KB). TSI raises the following concerns / questions: implications regarding environmental weight restrictions; the possible increased temptation to use trailers illegally for commercial purposes which could perhaps be combatted through some form of operator licensing; whether trailers will be subject to tests similar to the stringent VOSA roadworthiness checks carried out on large goods vehicles; and the need for professional training for drivers.
30 Jan 2014
TSI / ACTSO response (PDF 549 KB). TSI and the Association of Chief Trading Standards Officers are disappointed that the revised incident plan fails to identify food fraud and authenticity as a strong thread running through the plan. The lack of consideration of the criminal aspects of a food incident can be seen through a number of absences perceived throughout the document.
10 Jan 2014