Consultation responses

TSI response (PDF 235KB). The TSI Lead Officers for Agriculture, Animal Health and Welfare, and Food and Nutrition have composed this detailed response to proposals to replace European Regulation 882/2004.
10 Jan 2014
TSI response (PDF 186KB). TSI supports efforts to safeguard the environment and the introduction of a single-use plastic bag charge in England would be very agreeable move. Having canvassed colleagues in Wales for their experiences with a similar charge, TSI does make a number of observations on the proposals. 
20 Dec 2013
TSI response (PDF 171KB). TSI supports the UK being a member of this project group with full voting rights. It is important to do so because the proposals will include consideration of who can be a certifying authority.
13 Dec 2013
TSI response (PDF 49.8KB). TSI supports the UK being a member of the project group with full voting rights because it believes that active participation will serve the best interests of the UK both within its own borders and within the European context.
13 Dec 2013
TSI response (PDF 220KB). TSI has submitted a detailed response. It highlights concerns over qualification requirements and would be happy to work with the FSA to refresh the current Diploma in Consumer Affairs and Trading Standards (DCATS) Agriculture qualification. It also seeks clarification on aspects of the use of Earned Recognition; the proposed new risk rating scheme; and the planning and notification of inspections.  
12 Dec 2013
TSI response (PDF 202KB). TSI makes a number of suggestions and amendments. TSI also feels that the forthcoming mandatory requirement to belong to an approved redress scheme should be flagged up now, in order to raise awareness in the sector and to endure that they look out for relevant information and deadlines.
10 Dec 2013
TSI response (PDF 191KB). TSI believes that the role of trading standards input needs to be critically evaluated, mindful of the new regime and how the checks by the FCA could possibly eradicate the need for trading standards input on low to medium risk traders.
3 Dec 2013
TSI response (PDF 243KB). A detailed response in which TSI emphasises the importance of clarity for consumers and also highlights the particular problems associated with Hajj Pilgrimages.
29 Nov 2013
TSI response (PDF 165KB). TSI agrees that the Principles laid out in this consultation provide helpful guidance on how those marketing, selling and operating these games should behave. TSI believes, however, that it is essential that the Principles should be associated with the applicable legislation. 
21 Nov 2013