Consultation responses

TSI response (PDF 206KB). TSI supports the adoption of judicial review where appropriate. But where the dispute is narrowly focused on one issue, the "merits review" approach in accordance with the consultation should be followed.
4 Sep 2013
TSI response (PDF 147KB). TSI has submitted a detailed response including suggested rewording of several Articles in the proposed Regulations. TSI expresses concern at the deletion of the precautionary principle and emphasises its importance. TSI also expresses disappointment at the absence of a provision establishing a pan-European injuries database and sets out the importance of such a database.
4 Sep 2013
TSI response (PDF 200KB). TSI reiterates that a strong regulatory framework, supported by effective enforcement, is essential in this area in order to ensure public health and to promote industry and public confidence. In the same vein, inspections should not automatically be seen as burdensome and disruptive.
4 Sep 2013
TSI response (PDF 236KB). TSI presents figures to show the valuable role of trading standards at the local level in tackling the supply of illicit tobacco, and the deleterious effects of reduced staffing levels in trading standards and the cessation in 2011 of the Department of Health funding for trading standards to undertake tobacco control work. TSI calls for an improvement in collaborative working and intelligence sharing with HMRC. 
29 Aug 2013
TSI response (PDF 268KB). TSI and ACTSO broadly welcome the Bill. They restricted their joint response to the implications concerning the proposed changes in Powers of Entry. 
27 Aug 2013
TSI response (PDF 177KB). This TSI response has been composed by the TSI Lead Officer for Petroleum and Explosives who is a member of the HSE Legislation Review Process. He states that the draft Approved Code of Practice and associated guidance is generally sufficiently clear to comply with, but with a few reservations which are enumerated in the response.
21 Aug 2013
TSI response (PDF 220KB). TSI calls for a single licensing body for all holiday and travel providers and a single body providing holiday protection. These steps would make matters much simpler for consumers.  
15 Aug 2013
TSI response (PDF 126KB).TSI confines its response to citizenship education in schools, describing the crucial role that preparation for entering a team in the annual Young Consumers of the Year and Consumer Challenge Quiz can have in preparing pupils to become informed, confident citizens of tomorrow and discussing the need for financial education to start in primary schools.
8 Aug 2013
TSI response (PDF 119KB). TSI recognises that there are significant advantages in the industry taking the lead in drafting guidance, but is concerned that the guidance must be approved and endorsed by Government / regulators to avoid multiple sets of guidance leading to confusion of animal keepers and compromising enforcement.   
8 Aug 2013
TSI response (PDF 21.1KB). TSI believes that the whole food industry culture needs to shift to restore integrity. From the enforcement perspective, the government must ensure that local and national enforcement bodies coordinate and work in partnership, sharing intelligence and taking appropriate proportionate action.
6 Aug 2013