Consultation responses

TSI response (PDF 83.2KB). TSI welcomes the Money Advice Service's plans to develop a new UK strategy for financial capability and the need to collate all the different agencies and methodologies operating in this area. The response mentions TSI's Young Consumers of the Year competition. TSI calls for a review of financial education and the factors influencing financial behaviour.
24 Jul 2013
TSI response (PDF 112KB). TSI considers that the content and presentation of the draft guide to compliance is clear and easily understood. 
15 Jul 2013
TSI response (PDF 128KB). TSI generally agrees with the proposed legislation.
5 Jul 2013
TSI response (PDF 139KB). This TSI response is confined to one contentious topic - the flow measurement of beer. TSI agrees that the Government should include within the proposed statutory code the provision that flow monitoring equipment may not be used to determine whether a tenant is complying with purchasing obligations, or as evidence in enforcing such obligations. The response sets out the reasons for this position. 
13 Jun 2013
TSI response (PDF 41.1KB). TSI does not see any major areas for concern provided a claim is sufficiently justified to not fall foul of legislation such as the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations and the business equivalent.
7 Jun 2013
TSI response (PDF 142KB). TSI hosts the UK European Consumer Centre whose advisors are contacted by consumers undergoing the European Small Claims Procedure. Indeed, the Lead Officer who composed this response is a UK-ECC officer. As such, this response contains a number of suggestions for improving the Procedure. 
7 Jun 2013
TSI response (PDF 116KB). TSI believes that the suggested Improvement Notice approach to non-compliance will be more beneficial to enforcement officers and also a more proportionate enforcement response.
4 Jun 2013
TSI response (PDF 55.1KB). TSI believes that an Improvement Notice approach to non-compliance will be more beneficial to enforcement officers and also more proportionate. 
4 Jun 2013
TSI response (PDF 142KB). TSI calls for the new definition of radio equipment to include multipurpose devices and/or operational/built-in radio equipment, e.g. refrigerators using Bluetooth technology for "shopping list management". We particularly welcome, and indeed consider it to be a priority, the requirement for radio equipment to interoperate with accessories such as chargers to obviate the current plethora of chargers. Finally, TSI would like to see the alignment of the safety concept of the proposed Directive with that in the General Product Safety and Toys Directives.
3 Jun 2013
TSI response (PDF 125KB). TSI feels that the proposed civil sanctions for labelling offences would be more proportionate than the current regime. 
22 May 2013