Consultation responses

TSI response (PDF 122KB). TSI points out that although in the majority of cases it is appropriate and good practice to adhere to the requirements to provide a business with notice of an inspection there is still the need for un-notified inspections when investigating a potentially rogue manufacturer / importer.
15 May 2013
TSI submission (PDF 312.6KB). TSI submission in response to a call for evidence from the House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee which is carrying out a pre-legislative scrutiny of the Government's draft bill banning wild animals in circuses. TSI is firmly of the opinion that, given the travelling nature of circuses, enforcement would be simpler and more effective if the legislation extended to the whole of the UK. Enforcement would seem to be low cost, but even so due consideration must be given to the cost and (admittedly small) increase in workload were already-pressurised trading standards to enforce...
8 May 2013
TSI response (PDF 253KB). TSI would welcome a single document to refer to (in place of the current Regulators' Compliance Code and the Enforcement Concordat) that is accessible and easily understood by all trading standards stakeholders. We would also welcome the code to remain flexible so that trading stadnards services can best meet the needs of their service users. 
3 May 2013
TSI response (PDF 42KB). TSI welcomes the change but is concerned that the transition period may be too short. Due to economic pressures, some local authority trading standards officers with expertise in this field have been lost and TSI is concerned whether the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) would be able to provide the necessary central guidance. TSI would support a Memorandum of Understanding between the FCA, the Association of Chief Trading Standards Officers, and the National Trading Standards Board.  
1 May 2013
TSI response (PDF 57KB). Although local authorities were specifically excluded from the proposed provisions in this consultation, TSI wished to remind the Better Regulation Delivery Office of the valuable contribution made by local authority trading standards services to economic growth through their fair trading remit.
19 Apr 2013
TSI response (PDF 147KB). TSI welcomes this opportunity to feed into the UK position on the proposals. DATE: 29 March 2013
29 Mar 2013
TSI response (PDF 145KB). TSI states (with examples provided by several police forces) that there is abundant evidence of peddling (or cold calling as we now know it) being virtually exclusive to rogues, with considerable detriment arising - yet the Government is stating that it wants to see the minimum of restrictions placed upon those who engage in the activity. The response also underlines the importance of the Pedlar's Certificate.  DATE: 15 March 2013
15 Mar 2013
TSI response (PDF 107KB). TSI recognises the excellent work and thought that has gone into the draft work programme but agrees with Consumer Focus that it needs substantial cutting if it is to be delivered within the first year. TSI recommends that RIU focus on a very limited number of issues in its first year, with deliverable outcomes. It is important that the public is reassured that there is a body focussed on consumer issues that is in the public eye.  
4 Mar 2013
TSI response (PDF 104KB). TSI would in principle support the governmnet initiatives but they should be part of a wider strategy which includes education of children, young people and adults on the dangers of alcohol abuse and how to manage their own consumption by understanding units and alcohol by volume.
6 Feb 2013
TSI response (PDF 84.1KB). TSI describes its two annual national competitions for young people (Consumer Challenge Quiz for teenagers with special needs and learning difficulties and Young Consumers of the Year for schools and groups of teenagers) in its response to the call for evidence from an All Party Parliamentary Group.   
31 Jan 2013