Consultation responses

TSI response (PDF 129KB). TSi explains why it does not support the suggestion that the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 (CPRs) should be used to regulate food.
30 Jan 2013
TSI response (PDF 107KB). TSI welcomes the consultation and the commitment to continuing better regulatory support but does however express some reservations.
24 Jan 2013
TSI response (PDF 43KB). TSI has submitted a brief response supporting the new power and calling for it to be subject to the usual appeal and judiciary safeguards.
15 Jan 2013
TSI response (PDF 130KB). TSI has submitted a detailed wide-ranging response in which we highlight the situation of vulnerable consumers, including residents of park home sites, call for a formal regulatory approach to third party intermediaries, and conclude that the proposals will not promote any greater competition.
4 Jan 2013
TSI response (PDF 55.3KB). TSI calls for careful consideration in relation to the point-of-sale advertising of electronic cigarettes. TSI also highlights the non-medical risks associated with electronic cigarettes which concern their battery packs - such packs have been identified as the cause of a house fire on at least two occasions.
19 Dec 2012
TSi response (PDF 148KB). TSI welcomes the proposal to improve consumer redress by extending the range of Civil Enforcement Remedies available to enforcers. Our members have long been aware that although criminal courts have the power to award damages to consumers who fall victim to crime, they mostly decline to do so. Where they do exercise such powers it does not necessarily bring justice to the case.
18 Dec 2012
TSI response (PDF 49.3KB). TSI believes the market will benefit from the changes being introduced and also supports the proposals for fees to meet the challenges identified by the Ministry.
17 Dec 2012
TSI response (PDF 68.3KB). TSI is of the opinion that there should be no attempt to reduce the current legislative control that is currently exercised over tobacco products and would strongly resist a voluntary code. However, there is scope to reduce the complexity of the legislation - this would benefit consumers, business, and enforcers. 
11 Dec 2012
TSI response (PDF 120KB). TSI welcomes Ofgem's proposals but would, however, welcome further investigation into the impact of Ofgem's policies on consumers using different payment methods - those paying through pre-payment meters have far fewer options than those paying by Direct Debit and managing their account online.
3 Dec 2012