Consultation responses

TSI response (PDF 40.5KB). TSI agrees that the proposed legislation achieves the desired effect of rectifying an incorrect cross-reference in earlier legiislation and of revoking legislation on arsenic and chloroform in food and on ungraded eggs. 
30 Nov 2012
TSI response (PDF 117KB). TSI agrees with the proposed change provided it is based upon sound scientific evidence and opinion provided by the European Food Safety Authority and provided certain safeguards are put in place. This is an EU-wide initiative and TSI is aware that the date of 01 January 2013 has been delayed by at least two months due to the need for scrutiny by the European Parliament.  
28 Nov 2012
TSI response (PDF 46.7KB). TSI would be very much opposed to the insurance check being removed from the process of taxing a vehicle as its presence is another deterrent to the insurance evader.
27 Nov 2012
TSI response (PDF 117KB). TSI believes that it should be a requirement for all applicants for a new licence to include a site plan. TSI also points out that if the current system is changed there will be a cost to all Licensing Authorities (training, providing new licence templates, and advising current and future licence holders of the new provisions).
23 Nov 2012
TSI response (PDF 46.8KB). TSI believes that moving from the current criminal sanctions regime to a new civil sanctions regime with Compliance Notices will be beneficial to enforcement officers. It also believes that a 'live' Commercial Designation list on a webpage and one Statutory Instrument rather than two will be beneficial. 
12 Nov 2012
TSI response (PDF 118KB). TSI believes that the use of a secure online service will reduce fraud and related crime, provided necessary safeguards are put into place. TSI does, however, wish to know what provisions would be put in place for the 25% of the population without internet access.
12 Nov 2012
TSI response (PDF 189KB). TSI is reasonably content with the proposals to implement the Consumer Rights Directive, but points out that good regulation is not effective regulation without adequate enforcement - TSI members in enforcement are increasingly having to deal with new and novel ways of criminals defrauding consumers, especially older consumers, of their savings.
1 Nov 2012
TSI response (PDF 116KB). TSI welcomes this opportunity to revisit the UTCC Regulations and has submitted a detailed response. TSI believes that until such time as consumer education reaches appropriate levels there is reason to believe that intervention from regulators should increase rather than decrease as consumer risk rises with economic austerity.
25 Oct 2012
TSI response (PDF 117KB). TSI has submitted a generally positive response to the consultation on the implementation in England of European Regulation 1099/2009.
24 Oct 2012
TSI response (PDF 91.5KB). TSI agrees that the ban on above cost payment surcharges (in Article 19 of the Consumer Rights Directive)should be implemented before the EU deadline of June 2014. TSI points out, however, that although Article 19 refers to 'cost borne by the trader' it fails to provide a definition of this phrase.
15 Oct 2012