Consultation responses

TSI response (PDF 133KB). TSI supports the Government's proposals that (i) cinema advertisements should be subject to pre-release scrutiny by a single body and (ii) the threshold for exemption be lowered so that the BBFC would classify ALL works that could be of harm to children, encompassing all current categories of video works exempt from classification.
31 Jul 2012
TSI response (PDF 145KB). TSI supports the proposed measures in this consultation and the comments made in this resopnse are intended as constructive. It is hoped, however, that, in the interests of promoting a joined-up approach to regulation, enforcement, and redress, all appropriate parallels are considered in the light of uniformity. 
24 Jul 2012
TSI response (PDF 118KB). TSI is of the opinion that if it is decided that Ofgem should have the power to order appropriate redress, then it should be through a process of a legally binding negotiation with the supplier in question rather than through arbitrary powers and administrative penalties as proposed in this consultation.
25 Jun 2012
TSI response (PDF 176KB). This is an absolutely key consultation and TSI is having ongoing discussions with BIS. We would draw particular attention to our responses to Questions 5 (Powers of Entry) and 14 (which includes a proposal for restricting the number of people entering a premises to a maximum of 4). 
25 Jun 2012
TSI response (PDF 43.8KB). TSI submitted a very brief resopnse to this consultation, stating that it has no objections to the proposals but has, however, become increasingly concerned at local authorities' ability / willingness to invest resources in the enforcement of these regulations because of the financial cutbacks being made to trading standards.
22 Jun 2012
TSI response (PDF 244KB). TSI agrees with the FSA's changes to its framework for policy making - The FSA's tracked changes to the existing framework are included in the TSI response document.
22 Jun 2012
TSI response (pdf 123KB). TSI appreciates that a separate legal jurisdiction is integral to the ambitions of Wales as a government and as a nation. TSI does, however, express a wish that such ambitions do not in any way prejudice the competitiveness of Welsh business through additional legislative burdens, but serve to enhance Welsh standing in international markets. The response includes as an appendix guidance provided by Huw Evans, lecturer in law at Cardiff Metropolitan University.
19 Jun 2012
TSI response (PDF 111KB). TSI believes that the OFT's approach is exactly right. TSI believes, however, that as the market has changed so much over the years there should be a market study into that increasing market targetting the vulnerable consumer.
30 May 2012
TSI response (PDF 109KB). TSI agrees with the revocation of the suggested regulations (there will be equivalent, if not enhanced, consumer safety provisions through the General Product Safety Regulations, referencing appropriate standards) with one exception - the Imitation Dummies Safety Regulations 1993. TSI considers that the relevant standard is inadequate.
23 May 2012
TSI response (PDF 116KB). TSI notes that the proposed new Regulations will still require Public Analysts and Food Examiners to hold statutory qualifications, but not Food Law Enforcement Officers. TSI queries this inconsistency.
22 May 2012