Consultation responses

CTSI response (PDF - 246KB). CTSI supports the Law Commission argument for regulation to control the phrasing of event fees in residential leases in like manner to the existing controls on consumer contracts thus making terms and conditions readily available before a bargain is struck, regulating unfair contract terms, and proscribing misleading practices. 
29 Jan 2016
CTSI response (PDF - 199KB). CTSI identifies (and provides case studies for) three areas in which consumers are most at risk of detriment - complex financial products (such as pensions), mass marketing fraud, and doorstep crime.    
29 Jan 2016
CTSI response (PDF - 185KB). CTSI is particularly concerned about the energy efficiency and renewable energy sector, where there seem to be particular problems due to a number of factors. CTSI identifies some reasons for the failure of the Green Deal, including too many certification bodies. CTSI supports codes of practice as a means of attaining best practice - indeed it operates the Consumer Codes Approval Board.
22 Jan 2016
CTSI response (PDF - 165KB). CTSI looks forward to continuing its productive relationship with the Competition and Markets Authority, particularly on two key areas mentioned in the plan - guidance for business and support for local authority trading standards services. 
21 Jan 2016
CTSI response (PDF - 174KB). The complaints that have been received about cloud storage are typical of those received across the digital spectrum and beyond. There may be a future problem with termination and CTSI calls for the relevant terms and conditions to be transparent and fair. We do, however, perceive a potentially serious problem with trading standards investigations into cloud storage if the data is held in a non-UK or non-EU country, in which case trading standards may have few or no powers to receive the material. There should be a British (or, better, an international) standard for secure management...
15 Jan 2016
CTSI response (PDF 180KB). CTSI makes a number of general comments on the impact of the new settlement for local authority trading standards services and expresses concern about the overall effect of core funding reductions on smaller local authority services such as trading standards. 
12 Jan 2016
CTSI response (PDF - 160KB). CTSI submitted a short letter stating that although the consultation was not a trading standards matter per se, any proposals must be fair and reasonable and also take into account the more vulnerable members of society.
7 Jan 2016
CTSI response (PDF - 188KB). CTSI expresses concern that although under-18s are not able in law to engage in loan contracts they do pick up on 'payday loan' advertising. Many youngsters watch television after the watershed so restricting such advertisements to after that time would be insufficient on its own - it would need to be combined with financial education for consumers of all ages.   
16 Dec 2015
CTSI response (PDF 321KB). CTSI explains its long-standing objections to Bills of Sale and its campaign since at least the mid-1980s for the repeal of this archaic legislation and for the uniform application of consumer protections to all forms of lending. We do, however, acknowledge the importance of the retention of title clause for those lending to high-risk borrowers and suggest a solution. 
9 Dec 2015
CTSI response (PDF - 173KB). CTSI has submitted a strong response, based upon its members' experiences of working with domestic energy customers (and the relevant CTSI Lead Officer's own bitter experience wihch had to be resolved by the Ombudsman). CTSI concludes by reiterating its stance that doorstep selling and doorstep switching of energy should remain banned.
4 Dec 2015