Consultation responses

TSI response (PDF 136KB). It is not TSI's wish to see responsible short term lenders vilified by the continuing bad press surrounding such products, but the Institute cannot stand by in the face of continuing evidence from colleagues of malpractice and continued suffering on the part of consumers. TSI is particularly concerned at the high levels of charges imposed. The Institute calls for greater protection for consumers with regard to affordability, transparency, accessibility, education, and market protection.
22 May 2012
TSI response (PDF 156KB). TSI believes that many site operators operate fairly, but there are a number who engage in unfair practices and and these are the ones about whom the Institute is concerned.
22 May 2012
TSI response (PDF 137KB). TSI remains convinced of the value of the principle of a CESL, but believes that this attempt is unsatisfactory in detail and that it might prejudice UK discussions on a new consumer code. This, together with the financial restrictions currently facing Europe which may prevent a satisfactory education programme, reinforces the TSI view that now is not the right time to bring the proposal forward.
21 May 2012
TSI response (PDF 113KB). TSI is pleased to see the Ministry of Justice addressing long-held concerns regarding the actions of some bailiffs. 
14 May 2012
TSI response (PDF 131KB). TSI accepts the further documents suggested, but with a number of concerns. The retail sector would require training and support. Some retailers will currently only accept certain documents as proof of age. TSI reiterates its support for PASS (Proof of Age Standards Scheme) and the associated training for retailers offered by TSI.
27 Apr 2012
TSI response (PDF 127KB). TSI confines its comments to the proposals concerning Part P (Electrical safety - dwellings) and states that it totally supports calls for its retention.
26 Apr 2012
TSI response (PDF 127KB). TSI agrees with the proposals, noting that the proposed Regulations are a temporary measure as the Government looks to introduce a total ban on the use of wild animals in circuses. 
25 Apr 2012
TSI response (PDF 68.8KB). TSI is concerned that one of the proposals appears to suggest that all Local Authority Trading Standards Services should obtain UKAS certificates rather than use the current peer review system to ensure the quality of work performed by Services having notified body status. If so, this would have substantial cost implications.    
4 Apr 2012
TSI response (PDF 144KB). The Food Standards Agency has proposed the consolidation of the food contact materials Statutory Instruments.
3 Apr 2012
TSI response (PDF 54.4KB). TSI wishes to offer robust support for the proposed amendments. The four UK Assay Offices are independent business units which need to remain profitable if they are to continue to provide services to the precious metal trade. Without these services the UK hallmarking regime could not exist and hence a historic and still inherently valuable consumer protection mechanism would be removed from the market place.
2 Apr 2012