Consultation responses

TSI response (PDF 120KB). TSI supports the provision of a clear indication of the national enforcement priorities / priority regulatory outcomes by the Local Better Regulation Office. The priorities as identified give a clear steer to the local authority as to how to ensure that they are able to meet the needs of the local community whilst recognising the enforcement priorities for the country as a whole.
5 May 2011
TSI response (PDF 151KB). Whilst TSI broadly welcomes this initiative, we have concerns as to its principal objectives. The trading standards profession agrees that it is right and proper in the modern era to review legislation regularly against its modern purpose, but there is a need to assess the merits of legislation in its entirety, as opposed to simply looking at whether there should be a duty to enforce. Furthermore, a large quantity of legislation enforced by local authorities is missing from the Government's list.
28 Apr 2011
TSI response (PDF 116KB). TSI considers the suggested options, concluding that an ombudsman-style mechanism, or one including full consultation with enforcement agencies prior to the start of collective actions, would be the best way to ensure justice and fairness to all parties. 
28 Apr 2011
TSI response (PDF 139KB). TSI states that the strategic and operational objectives and regulatory principles proposed for the new Financial Conduct Authority are laudable. There are, however, a number of specific issues to be considered in order to avoid consumer (and, in some cases, business) detriment.  
14 Apr 2011
TSI response (PDF 207KB). TSI and LG Regulation have submitted a robust 12-page joint response in which they point out that enforcers, industry and consumers associations are united in their opinion that repealing the PMA is detrimental to consumers and an extra burden on business.
5 Apr 2011
TSI response (PDF 137KB). TSI believes that the proposed health and wellbeing boards should be able to consider the relevant activities of Trading Standards Services and incorporate them within their local strategic plans whilst enabling the local authority Trading Standards Departments to remain financially independent from the board.
31 Mar 2011
TSI response (PDF 134KB). TSI and its Members look forward to making a positive and valuable contribution towards achieving key public health outcomes.
31 Mar 2011
TSI response (PDF 139KB). Whilst TSI is surprised that the valuable contribution of Trading Standards towards improving health and wellbeing was not acknowledged in this White Paper, we welcome the Government's recognition of the Trading Standards role in tobacco control in its Tobacco Control Plan for England and hopes that the Government will continue to recognise the Trading Standards role in future strategies to be published under the auspices of this White Paper. This response is full of examples of Trading Standards work in the public health arena.
31 Mar 2011
TSI response (PDF 128KB). TSI explains why it thinks that the cost of enforcement will not, as assumed, be minimal and how some matters as drafted will prevent effective enforcement.
30 Mar 2011
TSI response (PDF 114KB). TSI believes that providing simple financial products which people find easy to understand and compare would encourage more consumers to take advantage of this type of product and promote competition. The need for some form of legislative requirement is suggested, together with the need for a standardised template for offering the same information for each product. 
25 Mar 2011