Consultation responses

TSI response (PDF 121KB). TSI accepts most of the proposals but warns that the proposal to define self-service devices as separate sub-assemblies should be dealt with cautiously.
1 Nov 2010
TSI response (PDF 114KB). TSI firmly believes that Trading Standards professionals are are best placed to deliver legislation, advice, and best practice pertaining to farming businesses. They are valued and respected and have become a trusted source of information and advice. Indeed, they are an example of positive regulation in practice.
29 Oct 2010
TSI response (PDF 163KB). A detailed response from TSI on councils' use of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000. Representatives from TSI would be happy to work with the Government to explain our position further if required and to assist with any future decision-making process.
14 Oct 2010
TSI response (PDF 112KB). Summary of the TSI online response which emphasised the importance of consumer confidence and also, in relation to cross-border transactions, the importance of ECC-Net (see TSI also noted that the wide demands on Trading Standards Services (leading to prioritisation) and public spending cuts are likely to result in less enforcement online.    
13 Oct 2010
TSI response (PDF 97.4KB). A joint TSI / Association of Chief Trading Standards Officers (ACTSO) response. Both bodies have been involved in the work undertaken by the OFT in developing this response and in designing a strategy for e-consumer protection, and we are pleased that our comments to date have been considered in the development of this important strategy.    
13 Oct 2010
TSI response (PDF 107KB). A brief response pointing out that Trading Standards Officers enforce the relevant labelling legislation as well as Environmental Health Officers.
13 Oct 2010
TSI response (PDF 120KB). TSI outlines the important role of Trading Standards in the protection of the environment, the climate change agenda, and in reducing the amount of waste going to landfill, highlighting the work of Lincolnshire Trading Standards. TSI articulates its support for the Advisory Committee on Packaging (ACP) and states that any suggestion of abolishing ACP would be a retrograde step.
7 Oct 2010
TSI response (PDF 281KB). TSI is concerned that timeshare re-sale (the most complained-about service in this general subject area according to Consumer Direct statistics) may not be adequately covered by the proposed legislation. It also raises a number of detailed points including the need for criminal offences rather than civil sanctions.
1 Oct 2010
TSI response (PDF 119KB). TSI states that law enforcement agencies must be more open to each other as regards intelligence and jiont operations. TSI is also particularly concerned that a reduction in the information required on stop check forms may have a detrimental effect upon intelligence gathered from such encounters.
20 Sep 2010