Consultation responses

CTSI response (PDF 159KB). CTSI has submitted an extremely short response in order to put on record our support for the DfT action. 
30 Nov 2015
CTSI response (PDF 154KB). CTSI has responded to that part of the questionnaire which pertained to the supply of illicit alcohol. We strongly disagreed with the statement that the trade and consumption of illicit alcohol can be justified and used a case study to show the deadly danger of illicit alcohol to both those producing it and drinkers. We also drew attention to the recent stringent cuts in trading standards resources.     
27 Nov 2015
CTSI response (PDF - 210KB). CTSI welcomes the review and the fact that it is prepared to look beyond the Consumer Rights Act's controls over secondary ticketing. CTSI is concerned that the Act has increased the risks to consumers in its attempt to balance the conflicting interests of event organisers and secondary ticketing operators. 
20 Nov 2015
CTSI response (PDF - 160KB). CTSI agrees that the current regulations meet their objective; agrees that the objectives remain appropriate but calls for consideration of regular reviews; and states that the objectives could NOT be met with less regulation. 
19 Nov 2015
CTSI response (PDF - 240 KB). CTSI believes that where there is an identified case of Bovine TB in non-bovine species notification needs to be made to the local authority in the same way as in the case of bovine animals. Thedevelopment of voluntary testing could be incentivised with earned recognition on inspections.    
19 Nov 2015
CTSI response (PDF - 160KB). CTSI believes that there is in truth a good case for the abolition of service charges, but, as far as we can see, the Unfair Consumer Practices Directive maximum harmonisation principle means that the UK would not be able to introduce the relevant legislation. There is, however, scope for the EU to better regulate the pricing of services. Meanwhile the Government's only real course of action is to press the industry to the utmost to comply with the existing (or a new) Code of Practice on the subject.    
10 Nov 2015
CTSI response (PDF - 214KB). CTSI has submitted a detailed response covering the connection between the digital economy and economic growth, the lack of online skills and engagement by both public and businesses, the lack of take-up by small and medium sized enterprises of European Commission financial incentives to enable them to digitally advance their businesses, and the role of trading standards in the digital economy. 
28 Oct 2015
CTSI response (PDF - 152KB). CTSI welcomes this positive discussion paper in a letter which is unusually short because CTSI and PhonepayPlus met on the subject shortly before the discussion document deadline.  
30 Sep 2015
CTSI response (PDF - 224KB). CTSI has submitted a detailed response covering six of the nine Directives and has included an extensive critique of the proposed statutory instruments.
29 Sep 2015
CTSI response (PDF - 156KB). CTSI is in favour of legal measures to prevent further Fairpak-type occurrences. Our preference would be for prepayments into savings schemes such as Christmas clubs being held in special accounts similar to trusts. We do, however, recognise the difficulty that would be faced by a company that is, for example, exclusively a Christmas club if its entire income is in a protected fund and not available for day-to-day operation. The 'consumer charge' suggestion, whilst complicated, seems to offer a sensible balance between protecting payments and allowing the company to operate.       
17 Sep 2015