Consultation responses

TSI response (PDF 114KB). TSI welcomes the guidance and the involvement of farmers in its early stages of preparation. TSI would, however, like the guidance to be simpler and would suggest the use of an end user group. TSI would be happy to be involved in this or to suggest some proactive groups. 
11 May 2010
TSI response (PDF 133KB). Of the three options presented, TSI supports the option to renew and strengthen the existing self-regulatory agreement with the aocohol industry; TSI also, however, supports legislation for mandatory labelling if Government targets are not met.  
6 May 2010
TSI response (PDF 143KB). TSI continues to maintain that, in this area, Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs is a far more appropriate supervisor and enforcement body for the estate agent and consumer credit financial institution sectors (the subjects of this consultation) and that Trading Standards should not be involved.   
6 May 2010
TSI response (PDF 128KB). Trading Standards Professionals are in a unique position to see both the business and the consumer side of these proposals, as this detailed response shows. 
5 May 2010
TSI response (PDF 106KB). TSI submitted a very brief response to this National Measurement Office consultation, commenting that Local Authorities are rarely involved in cases relating to cold water meters and that the availability of such guidance would, therefore, be fundamental to any Local Authority investigation.
26 Apr 2010
TSI response (PDF 127KB). TSI calls for the same sampling methods for both feed and food.  
16 Apr 2010
TSI response (PDF 113KB). Whilst TSI continues to support the principle of responsibility sharing and the creation of an Animal Health Organisation, it has a number of concerns over this draft Bill, in particular how it might impact upon local authorities.
15 Apr 2010
TSI response (PDF 107KB). TSI supports the view that every effort should be made to end the routine beak trimming of laying hens as soon as possible and believes that the proposals set out in this consultation are a sensible way forward.
14 Apr 2010
TSI response (PDF 113KB). TSI is concerned over the changes to the regulations concerning verification by batch sampling but acknowledges that, due to the current level of technological achievement in the manufacturing sector, the risk of detriment to consumers is low. TSI stresses the need for the promotion of robust best practice and for active involvement of the enforcement community in verification and auditing.
31 Mar 2010
TSI response (PDF 104KB). TSI supports the amendment of the English regulations to introduce an ambulatory reference to Regulation (EC) 1924/2006 as amended from time to time. This would be the most efficient of the options presented.
25 Mar 2010