Consultation responses

TSI response (PDF 336KB). TSI welcomes the proposed regulations with certain reservations. Furthermore, it does not believe that the proposed regulations concerning the prohibition of the sale of tobacco from vending machines will be enforceable    
4 Jan 2010
TSI response (PDF 114KB). TSI supports the Food Standards Agency's suggested course of action
24 Dec 2009
TSI response (PDF 126KB). TSI believes that the proposed specification for test fabric is too detailed and suggests that used in British Standards BS 7176 and BS 7177. TSI reiterates its view that the Regulations as a whole need to be amended in order to iron out various enforcement difficulties
23 Dec 2009
TSI response (PDF 122KB). TSI is supportive of most of the proposals in this consultation document. 
2 Dec 2009
TSI response (PDF 115KB). Welcoming this Veterinary Residues Committee consultation, TSI acknowledges the amount of work carried out by the VRC and calls for wider publicity for it.
24 Nov 2009
TSI response (PDF 116KB). TSI is delighted to see that the proposed regulations update legal definitions and powers of enforcement authorities. There is a feeling, however, that food provisions have been emphasised above those of feed and that this imbalance may need to be addressed
6 Nov 2009
TSI response (PDF 133KB). TSI agrees with most of the FSA proposals but would not like to see breakfast cereals being exempt from requirements due to recent surveys finding high sugar content in some (especially children's) breakfast cereals 
5 Nov 2009
TSI response (PDF 95.5KB). These Regulations will implement the EU Directive on Pyrotechnics which covers, inter alia, fireworks. TSI agrees with the definition of fireworks which are subject to prohibition, but calls for the inclusion of a mechanism to prohibit novel fireworks which subsequently prove to have a similar nuisance value or be a danger to the public. TSI also suggests that all consumer fireworks whould be subject to one age limit
27 Oct 2009
TSI response (PDF 107KB). TSI welcomes the OFT proposals to improve the transparency of OFT work and actions
23 Oct 2009
TSI response (PDF 129KB). A particularly detailed response
21 Oct 2009