Consultation responses

TSI response (PDF 90.3KB). TSI believes that the controls currently in place in the UK have been effective in keeping the country rabies-free but acknowledges the consequences should the EU choose to take action against the UK for not meeting EU rules
20 Jul 2009
TSI response (PDF 245KB). TSI is on record as being a continuous advocate for RIPA-regulated application of covert investigatory techniques by local authority trading standards services and professionals
17 Jul 2009
TSI response (PDF 105KB). A detailed response to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors consultation
17 Jul 2009
TSI response (PDF 104KB). TSI favours an option not mentioned in the Consultation Paper - a binding instrument establishing a detailed harmonised EU-wide judicial collective redress mechanism including collective ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)
3 Jul 2009
TSI response (PDF 92.7KB). TSI states that FAWC has made a major contribution to improving farm animal welfare in GB and could play an important role in the future
1 Jul 2009
TSI response (PDF 114KB). TSI supports the general principle of an independent body, but expresses a number of concerns on the proposals as set out in the consultation document
30 Jun 2009
TSI response (PDF 101KB). TSI substantially agrees with the proposals put forward 
22 Jun 2009
TSI response (PDF 106KB). TSI agrees that there is a case for amending section 2(2)(b) concerning damage caused by straying animals
19 Jun 2009
TSI response (PDF 98.1KB). TSI welcomes the consultation and agrees with many of the points raised
15 Jun 2009
TSI response (PDF 94.3KB). TSI would prefer a more modest increase in the ATOL Protection Charge than that proposed. It points out, however, its belief that the system is out-of-date and confusing, and calls for transparency
12 Jun 2009