Consultation responses

TSI response (PDF 105KB). TSI is in general agreement with the Government's position on the proposed amendments to the Regulation
6 Feb 2009
TSI response (PDF 104KB). TSI supports these proposals to update the legislation on horse passports
2 Feb 2009
TSI response (PDF 175 KB). TSI believes that the draft Consumer Rights Directive is flawed - The application of maximum harmonisation not only dramatically reduces consumer protection, but introduces a lack of clarity and certainty into the law 
2 Feb 2009
TSI response (PDF 95KB). TSI welcomes the guidance as there has been an increasing number of notifications on salmonella-contaminated feeding stuffs and feed materials
30 Jan 2009
TSI response (PDF 111KB). A joint response from TSI, the Society of Chief Trading Standards Officers, and LACORS (Local Authorities Coordinators od Regulatory Services)
22 Jan 2009
TSI response (PDF 87KB). TSI supports the proposals
31 Dec 2008
TSI response (PDF 87.3 KB). TSI supports the changes proposed and that mandatory hallmarking of articles containing palladium be required by January 2010
31 Dec 2008
TSI response (PDF 125KB). TSI thanks NWML for bringing together the subject matter in this way as it has allowed for the wider picture to be considered than if the subjects covered had been considered separately
24 Dec 2008
TSI response (PDF 89.4KB). It is the TSI view that it is appropriate that local authority members and employees should have a published code of conduct - as the consultation text from the Department for Communities and Local Government points out, the public has a right to expect high standards  
24 Dec 2008
TSI response (PDF 96.6KB). TSI requests that local authorities receive adequate recognition and funding for the enforcement of the relevant legislation. It is essential that all concerned continue to work closely together 
15 Dec 2008