Consultation responses

CTSI response (PDF - 133KB). CTSI states that the power to change Sunday trading rules should be devolved to all local authorities. Such a move may assist local authorities in their efforts to bring residents into town centres on Sundays. Trading standards services enforce the current legislation in most areas; currently there is no evidence to suggest high levels of non-compliance or an undue burden on trading standards and the Institute does not expect the situation to change.     
16 Sep 2015
CTSI response (PDF - 118KB). CTSI raised the subject of the effect of the swingeing cuts to trading standards resourses upon their ability to react with sufficient robustness to animal diseases identified in the government's National Risk Register.  
4 Sep 2015
CTSI response (PDF - 708KB). CTSI has provided a full response to the European Commission's questionnaire. 
3 Sep 2015
CTSI response (PDF - 449KB). A detailed response to the set questions accompanied by over two pages of further comments.
2 Sep 2015
CTSI submission (PDF - 197KB). CTSI recommends a more precise definition of 'psychoactive substances' and suggests several amendments to the proposed statutory instrument. The Institute also calls for specific funding to be provided to enforcement bodies to help cover the increased burden of the cost of testing suspect substances. 
2 Sep 2015
CTSI response (PDF - 158KB). CTSI expresses concern that the DH's preferred option of reducing every local authority's allocation by a standard flat rate percentage fails to take into consideration existing health inequalities between the inhabitants of different local authorities. The Institute is also concerned that the DH does not seem to have already in place a mechanism for assessing and understanding the impact of savings.  
28 Aug 2015
CTSI response (PDF - 151KB). CTSI agrees with the consultation suggestion that trading standards should have regulatory oversight of the provision that merchants display clearly to their customers which credit and debit cards they accept - the duty would fit in well with the existing trading standards remit. The Institute does, however, have reservations - because of severe cuts in resources and personnel trading standards activity would be intelligence- and complaint-led rather than proactive, risking European infraction proceedings against the UK for an insufficient approach to its obligations.   
28 Aug 2015
CTSI submission (PDF - 176KB). One of CTSI's primary concerns with scams aimed at newly retired pensioners is the potential number of victims who could be affected. The Institute fears that many individuals who would not conventionally be identified as 'vulnerable' are specifically at risk from pension-based scams. 
28 Aug 2015
CTSI response (PDF - 117KB). CTSI submitted a short response having already discussed the matter with IPO. The Institute is of the opinion that the maximum custodial sentence available for both online and offline copyright infringement should be a term of up to ten years. The Institute believes that harmonisation with the existing trade mark and registered design penalties would improve the protection offered to copyright owners and rectify the current disadvantaged position of copyright owners.  
18 Aug 2015
CTSI Response (PDF - 167KB). CTSI welcomes the idea that competition in the market place is important but is concerned at the possibility of a return to the doorstep selling of energy.
14 Aug 2015