Consultation responses

CTSI response (PDF - 164KB). CTSI agrees that a public service ombudsman would be a good idea but warns that the holder must be available to all, including vulnerable people who may not have internet access.
16 Jun 2015
CTSI response (PDF 147KB). This is the text of the online resopnse form completed by CTSI. The Institute is pleased that the codes are being updated to reflect current consumer purchasing trends but expresses concern that there might be a significant increase in the number of complaints referred to trading standards if the same complaint were to result in both a criminal and civil referral.
12 Jun 2015
CTSI response {PDF 251KB). CTSI recommends a CTSI Consumer Codes Approval Scheme be set up with the relevant trade associations in order to maintain standards and a Primary Authority Partnership for the parking industry be set up with at least one of the accredited trade associations.The latter will enable the industry to work more closely with trading standards and the regulatory community. 
27 May 2015
CTSI response (PDF 243KB). CTSI supports this proposed amendment to pricing regulations but points out that there may be legal reasons why this may be difficult.
19 May 2015
CTSI response (PDF 239KB). CTSI raises a number of legal points on the rulebook text.
30 Apr 2015
CTSI response (PDF 464KB). CTSI believes that the CMA should focus upon the following seven areas: prohibit terms that ban negative (or offer incentives for positive) online reviews; accreditation scheme for review sites; verification of reviewers; consistent international approach to review platforms; test case against review / like companies; educate business, consumers, and platforms; and consider cross-border issues.   
25 Mar 2015
CTSI response (PDF 198KB). CTSI is gratified to see that consideration is being given to the real burdens and costs experienced by local authorities in having to support the current unnecessarily burdensome regime whilst undergoing substantial budget cuts. We welcome the wider approach to enforcement that appears to be considered in this consultation. 
11 Mar 2015
TSI response (PDF 124 KB). CTSI supports the imposition of a tobacco levy and looks forward to an announcement detailing how a proportion of the proceeds of the levy will be used to help support local authority trading standards tobacco control regulatory activity. Includes costings of such activity.  
16 Feb 2015
TSI response (PDF 188KB). TSI believes that the introduction of a competency-based approach to the authorisation of officers will have little impact on the delivery of official controls. TSI recommends that the Food Standards Agency continue to work with the Better Regulation Delivery Office and the professional bodies to deliver a seamless competency framework in line with the Regulators Development Needs Analysis Tool.
4 Feb 2015
TSI response (PDF 124KB). TSI suggests that the definitions of 'potable water' and 'clean water' may be confusing. Furthermore, the guidance document for businesses may be too complex and that for local authorities could also be simplified.
3 Feb 2015