Consultation responses

TSI response (PDF 127KB). TSI points out that most shops selling alcohol also sell other age-restricted products such as tobacco and maybe fireworks or butane gas. The impact of the measures put forward in this consultation may therefore be of wider benefit in improving public health within communities. Recent changes in the delivery of public health provide a very real opportunity for new ways of working, strengthening the links between public health and regulatory services such as trading standards and licensing which can have a major impact on public health outcomes.     
29 Jul 2014
TSI response (PDF 166KB). TSI states that the draft ACOP provides clear guidance on the methods of compliance with the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations which should help petrol tanker operators, drivers, and site operators. 
22 Jul 2014
TSI response (PDF 81.6KB). TSI states that trading standards regulators want to share data lawfully with each other and with the other regulators with whom they work locally and nationally. Indeed, this is essential in delivering proportionate and risk based regulation.
4 Jul 2014
TSI response (PDF 186KB). TSI reports that there is strong evidence that consumer interest in animal welfare is starting to translate into real changes in the products that they purchase. The various livestock sectors, especially within the UK, should capitalise on this and pave the way for animal welfare to be high on the sustainability agenda. Furthermore, gains in the welfare of livestock in recent years should not be lost.
4 Jul 2014
TSI response (PDF 185KB). A joint TSI / UK European Consumer Centre (which is hosted by TSI) response. They present reasons to support their belief that UK ECC should provide the consumer-facing complaints "helpdesk" mooted in the consultation. They also explain why TSI is ideally placed to act as a competent authority for ADR schemes across the various sectors.      
3 Jun 2014
TSI response (PDF 180KB). TSI explains that to apply a risk-based enforcement policy in respect of tyre labelling would place a dedicated tyre retailer in a high-risk category and at a great disadvantage compared with other retailers and small garages etc with a small turnover in tyres (unless intelligence came to light suggesting otherwise for particular premises). TSI also raises queries related to test purchasing and documentation/software requirements for a retailer with no stock.   
23 May 2014
TSI response (PDF 180KB). TSI identifies a number of benefits, expecting to see an overall increase in animal welfare standards at the time of slaughter and increased trust in how slaughterhouses treat animals.  
19 May 2014
TSI response (PDF 76.2KB). TSI is concerned that any new powers for businesses would only be of use to those businesses which can afford to take legal action. It is imperative that businesses are supported in a fair way and that consumers are protected. Trading standards has the relevant powers already, given the necessary evidence and resources.
19 May 2014
TSI response (PDF 98.8KB). Trading standards services are responsible for enforcing the Packaging (Essential Requirements) Regulations 2003 (PERR). If a new standard for refuse-derived fuel (RDF) were to be produced it would be likely to complement businesses' existing obligations under PERR and the existing standards for recoverable packaging - this potential combination could lead to keep more waste out of landfills and could in turn improve the quality and quantity of RDF available from businesses.    
8 May 2014
TSI response (PDF 171KB). TSI believes that labelling should be harmonised - this would benefit both businesses and consumers. TSI also agrees that guidance material would increase the clarity of legislation for both farmers and enforcement officers.    
30 Apr 2014