Other Matters of Interest

Primary Authority

The Trading Standards Institute and Essex County Council have signed up to Primary Authority signalling the start of a new regulatory relationship. Local Better Regulation Office press release 30th June 2009 (new website)

Public Policy Exchange

TSI intends to engage with Public Policy Exchange, which in association with the Centre for Parliamentary Studies, holds regular interactive seminars which provide an invaluable interface for policy discussion, debate and networking.

These special events offer local practitioners, civil servants and other stakeholders not only an insight into current policy thinking, but also the opportunity to feed into future policy development across all areas of public policy.

Speakers are unrivalled in calibre, ranging from Government Ministers and Senior Whitehall Officials to leading Local Authority figures and Voluntary Sector representatives.

House of Lords Select Committee on the European Union Inquiry into the European Commission's proposed directive on consumer rights

TSI written submission (PDF 56KB)

House of Commons Regulatory Reform Committee inquiry 'Themes and trends in regulatory reform'

TSI written submission (PDF 58KB)

TSI is pleased to support the RSPCA puppy trafficking campaign and add its logo to the RSPCA campaign leaflet (PDF 2346KB)

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) update from the Office of Fair Trading

July 2008
This document can be seen on the LACORS website (external link – password required)

Digital UK has launched an online guide for councils about the implications of Switchover to digital TV for their services and residents 

14 May 2008
The consumer protection section of the guide states: “trading standards officers will be key to protecting residents through the digital TV switchover”.
Digital UK has been working closely with TSI Chief Executive Ron Gainsford and the London Borough of Camden.
Online guide: www.digitaluk.co.uk/localgov (external link)
Press release (PDF 153KB – external link)

TSI supports new consumer awareness drive on 'charity' clothing collections

03 December 2007
Charity Commission press release (external link)
Charity Commission leaflet - give with care (PDF 224KB) Charity Commission poster - give with care (PDF 201KB)

'Procedure for dealing with cases under the Consumer Protection Co-operation Regulation (CPC) where local authority Trading Standards Services (TSS) are involved'

December 2007
Procedure for dealing with cases under the Consumer Protection Co-operation Regulation (CPC) where local authority Trading Standards Services (TSS) are nvolved (PDF 164KB) has been issued by The Office of Fair Trading
The main CPC guidance document can be found on the OFT website (external link)

LACORS Trading Standards UK-wide National Control Strategy Nov 2007 - March 2009

LACORS website (external link)

‘Metrication - continuing use of imperial units of measurement’

11 September 2007
The European Parliament has now endorsed in first reading (29 November 2007) the European Commission proposal on units of measurement, which means that Britain can continue to use miles for road signs and speed indications and pints, for bottled milk and draught beer and cider. It also makes it possible to continue to use indefinitely labels with supplementary or dual indications of both metric and imperial sizes. (EC Press Release). The legal position in the UK and the TSI Statement remain unchanged.
TSI Statement  
European Commission press release (external link)

‘Developments in Local Authority Trading Standards Services’

January 2007
Report from the OFT and TSI
Workforce Survey 2006 (PDF 2396KB)

‘Minimum legal age to purchase tobacco to rise from 16 to 18’

01 January 2007
Department of Health press release (external link) with a statement by Paul Ramsden, deputy chief executive of the TSI.

‘Consumer Direct takes two million calls in two years’

12 September 2006
Consumer Direct press release (external link) including a statement by TSI chief executive Ron Gainsford.

‘Modernising Metrology Enforcement’

Autumn 2005
A CEnTSA project funded by the DTI that involved 15 months of research and UK wide consultation.
Modern Metrology Enforcement (PDF 1827KB)

‘Doorstoppers – Say no to doorstep callers’ – Cold calling control zones

See the Doorstoppers pages on this website

'Behind the Address: Accommodation Addresses Fair Trading Scheme – a guide for local authorities' Information pack in two parts: a folder for A3 printing (PDF 971KB) and 11 pages of A4 inserts (PDF 297KB).