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TSI ‘Pack It In’ award goes to packaging company

A company that has saved more than 80 tonnes of plastic and cardboard by changing the packaging on ASDA's chilled dips, is the first winner of the Trading Standards Institute's (TSI) new 'Pack It In' award.

The award - which goes to Your Packaging Partner, a brand of SunBranding Solutions, based in Greengates, Bradford - hails the efforts of businesses that are taking a responsible, 'planet saving' approach towards the development of packaging products for their clients.

It was presented by Ron Gainsford, chief executive of TSI, at the launch of National Consumer Week at the Office of Fair Trading in Salisbury Square, London, on Monday 17 November.

ASDA used to sell its chilled dips in a polypropylene (PP) pot and lid with a fully printed cardboard sleeve and has now launched a 'greener alternative as part of its aim to reduce the amount of materials used in its packaging by 25%.

The new packaging is a recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (rPET) tub, with the product description directly printed on to the plastic.

Each new pot uses 5.2g less cardboard - an annual saving of 24.3 tonnes on ASDA's chilled dips. And, because the recycled plastic can be reused, it means that 56 fewer tonnes are being dumped in landfill sites every year.

'This is a classic example of how a business can make a significant contribution towards saving our planet by reducing the amount of packaging that is just thrown away,' said TSI chief executive Ron Gainsford.

Seven nominations were received for the 'Pack It In' award, which is sponsored by B&Q and was launched at TSI's annual conference in Bournemouth in June.
Mr Gainsford said: 'We congratulate all of the entries to our competition and the winning project captures just what we were aiming for in this award.

'Your Packaging Partner came up with an innovative solution that has saved many tonnes of plastic and cardboard from ending up on the tip each year, while retaining the practical needs of storing and labelling the product in an appealing way.'

Gillian Wight, packaging technology director of Your Packaging Partner, said: 'We are absolutely delighted to have won the first TSI 'Pack It In' award.

'We are obviously working closely with ASDA towards the supermarket chain's goal of reducing the amount of packaging on its products by 25%.

'ASDA sets high standards and we continue to use our expertise and technology to take on board the mission to cut down on unnecessary packaging wherever possible.

'Your Packaging Partner has worked with ASDA for many years providing packaging development resource to support the strategic development of their own label packaging and it is due to this strong partnership that these results can be achieved.'

Shane Monkman, Packaging Buyer for ASDA, said: 'We want to make protecting the planet easier and more affordable for our 17 million customers. We believe that working alongside companies such as Your Packaging Partner to significantly reduce our own label packaging is not only the best way to encourage shoppers to recycle, but will help make waste a thing of the past.'

B&Q is sponsoring the 'Pack It In' award as part of its partnership with BioRegional to move towards becoming a 'One Planet Living' business and, as a result, reduce its impact on the world's resources. As part of this partnership B&Q is striving to drive and encourage innovation in packaging solutions to ensure that they deliver commercially but, at the same time, reduce their impact on the environment.

Ellen Morgan, B&Q trading law manager and TSI lead officer for the environment, said: 'There is legislation on packaging, which goes part of the way to addressing green issues and, at B&Q, we are striving to reduce the packaging used in our products. We are pleased to see other companies are also playing their part in saving the planet.

'The 'Pack It In' award aims to acknowledge the excellent work being carried out by many organisations to play their part in reducing the level of resources that are thrown away, which, in turn, has damaging consequences for the environment.'

National Consumer Week

This is the 21st annual National Consumer Week organised by the Trading Standards Institute and for the fourth year in association with Consumer Direct, the government-funded consumer advice telephone and online service.

National Consumer Week is a platform to raise awareness about specific consumer issues and particularly to highlight new developments in an increasingly complex and competitive marketplace. It profiles the work of and is supported by local authority trading standards services across the UK.

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