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Dixie the DVD Dog helps trading standards officers sniff out fakes

Trading standards have a new weapon against conmen selling fake DVDs in the form of a sniffer dog trained to find hidden stock.

One-year-old Dixie is introduced to the wider trading standards community today at the Trading Standards Institute annual Conference with a demonstration of her skills; she can detect even a small fragment of the plastics used in DVDs hidden out of sight.

Dogs like Dixie could have a huge impact on trading standards’ ability to crack down on sales of bootleg DVDs; although she can’t distinguish between legal and counterfeit discs, her skills enable large areas to be scanned within minutes rather than hours or days.

The idea to get a dog to form part of the team at Stirling Council and Clackmannanshire Council joint trading standards service came from trading standards officer Brian Wilson.

He said: 'The project which resulted in us having Dixie as part of our team started when I saw an article in the Times about a year ago about two dogs used by FACT that can sniff out DVDs  - I thought that would be a huge asset to us in the anti-counterfeiting work that we do.

'Dixie passed her assessment in May so she is now licensed to carry out work at car boot sales and the like.  We have already been on a few jobs with her, but I expect there will be many more now that she has been officially ‘unveiled’!

'The dog has been trained in the normal way for detection work using a tennis ball as a reward and having lots of fun.  She has searched houses, vehicles , trailers as well as outside locations - all of which she has handled very well, we are all very pleased with her.

'Dixie will find discs in any location and in any number. She will even find fragments of a broken up disc hidden for example inside a vehicle.  Once the discs have been found it’s up to the owner of them to explain why they have them if they turn out to be fake.
'This is a really important area of work – many people don’t realise that the vast majority of the trade in illegally copied DVDs has links to organised crime, affecting the safety and well-being of consumers and businesses on a wide scale.'

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Piracy of films and TV programmes cost the UK’s audio-visual sector £531m in 2008 alone (latest figure available), with over 60m counterfeit discs being sold in that same year. (source: Oxford Economics/ IPSOS).

Those found guilty of selling counterfeit discs can face a maximum ten years imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine.
More than 113, 000 people work in the film and TV industries in the UK (more than any other single country in the EU) and it is their jobs that are directly impacted by piracy.

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